knock knock

I accidently left this in my drafts lolol. Actually posting this at 8:07pm, but scheduling the post at the time I started typing this. BD

In fact i’ve got a habit of making a profile of myself right when i start using a new writer’s notebook/journal/diary/blog/whoknowswhat. i think it’s kinda logical, `cause if you save your diaries/journals, you’d kinda wanna know who you thought you were back then or how different you are compared to now. lolol. writing things down in my life is so big for me, aaaa.


name: bonnie
age: thirteen
grade: eight
height: 5’3
weight: no.
location: NC
interests: art, computers, games, mmos, people 
favorite color: pale green
pets: Croissant, a BUNNY!
 what’s this thing gonna be used for: anything interesting to be shared 

Just the basics.
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