Not in the mood to do work. 8D
I wanna party all night and I wanna party all daaaaay.

today my art teacher announced she entered the school in the ‘doodle 4 google’ contest.
I’m interested. but i couldn’t get the requirements/guidelines/other info from her because she was busy during class this morning and wasn’t in her room during recess. ;_;
I’ll get the info tomorrow though, while we’re having our free sketch time. free sketch even though i’ll be stuck making up some works ffff. 
anyway i hear the national winners for the doodle 4 google gets a 15,000$ college scholarship(any college too, my parents would love the alleviation to their wallets), Wacom Tablet (OH HECK YESSS that’d be nice), a new laptop (THIS TOO), and a trip to new york. oh and of course their logo on google for 24 hours. BD entering for the heck of it, if i even make it to just state level i’ll jump for joy. 
i still have that bigger board of ed. art contest entry to work on too, it’s like… 50% done i guess.
then in social studies i still need to relearn then recite the preamble to the constitution.
in science there’s just a test i’m fine with, then i needa make a atomic model of Ne. aaaaa.
math is just easy and my math teacher is a freak. a funny freak, though.
english is just ohlordy. 240 different vocabulary words to study for the test tomorrow. and a book report due friday. and a book project due next wednesday. and we’re reading To Kill a Mockingbird which just puts me to sleep/I’ve been having coughing fits when we read it aloud and IT’S SO QUIET EXCEPT FOR MY COUGHS IT’S SAD LOL.

P-p-p-party the daaay awaaay.


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