Why am i even up…?

i’ve never thought to ask….
“Why do you like me?”
’cause i’m a complete asshole, and didn’t give it a chance,
though i wouldn’t have given every girl a chance,
some were just… way too fast, acted way too quickly,
and wanted the thing that was most delicate to me…
But like some girls, like… say…
I won’t say any names, but alot of girls actually touched me,
really touched my heart,
i would love all of them dearly, if i could, each of them, and i do,
but i can’t just get with just one of them, ’cause I want to be there for all of them…
Shit, I’m sorry guys, I-i’m just not fit to be a good guy…
and i’m sorry for alienating all the people who actually cared for me,
I’m sorry for being a doof, a dork, an asshole, a bastard,
An Insensitive, Narcissistic, Shadow of a fool…
I’m just so sorry for everything

“I don’t want to lose you, I don’t want to use you, Just to have somebody by my side”

From Paris, With Love,
Forget me Not,


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