How do you dry your hair?

Air dry                                            2 (20%)
Towel                                             2 (20%)
Hairdryer                                        2 (20%)
Blowjob                                          1 (10%)
Blowjob from my mom                     1 (10%)
Blowjob from my dad                        0 (0%)
In Soviet Russia                              2 (20%)
I do not dry my hair, hair dries me   3 (30%)
It’s wet.                                          1 (10%)
OHMAHGAAAAAAA!!!11!1!!             1 (10%)

Votes so far: 10
Poll closed

lol it’s all even for the normal choices. I MOSTLY AIR DRY. i’ll use a towel if i wanna sleep right after a shower though, and hairdryers scare me. IT’S SHAPED SOMEWHAT LIKE A GUN, AND SHOOTS HOT BURNING AIR. ;_;
so, new poll is up. i’ma run out of poll ideas sooner or later. :D


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