Awkward moment

There was this stewardess that bad-mouthed my mom because I think she was bossy towards him and she got upset and told the guy that his service was horrible. While they were arguing, she threatened to sue him. Once she said that, he changed his attitude towards her and became kind because he didn’t want something like that to happen.

Then after we came back from our trip and got home, right away she turned on the computer to the airline company we took and rated it one star. Just because of one person you have to rate it bad..? D:< Shows what I have to go through if I decide to become a stewardess.

I need other ideas. What jobs are out there that have to do with traveling..?

7 comments on “Awkward moment

  1. Bonnie says:

    As long as you’re nice, can keep your cool, and you hopefully get a nice airline company to work for it shouldn’t be too bad.

    And then there’s always… being an airplane pilot(the lazy ones that only drive commercial lines… not a fighter pilot… unless you can do that), tour guide? you might end up stying in one place that way though, A BUS DRIVER? Well that just sounds horrible. Travel agent? Air marshal? I’m not too sure. At all. :D

    • Lexx says:

      Haha, so many choices to choose from. I don’t think I’d like to learn how to ride a bus but maybe it can be helpful in some way. Becoming and airplane pilot seems like it’ll be easy for me. xD

      As you always see in the movies there are always terrorists and the pilots get killed all the time. They show no mercy! LOL jk. I’m expecting something like that to happen anyways someday.

      Yeah I’ll think about those options.

      • Ninja Pants says:

        An Assassin.
        Thar you go :DDD.

        Oh, Tour guide that goes places,
        My family knows one that goes to a lot of places,
        She “tour guides” with her husband,
        and they have tours that span with a lot of people to just my family and me.
        They go around BC,
        and Canada too, but we missed the one going to Toronto and Quebec…
        Though I heard the French people in Quebec are really pompous and full of themselves,
        but that may just be me using stereotypes….

        • Lexx says:

          Sweet, an assassin is awesome. Depending if I like to kill people, haha. Then I’d have to do some excruciating training. Who knows, I’ll sign up for it if you tell me who needs one. Bwhaha.

  2. Unkz says:

    astronaut yooo

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