Papa To Kiss In The Dark (Review ;D)

YEP. Yet ANOTHER one of my reviews. LOL. This time it’s for a Yaoi Anime ;D


But yep. Another warning, this review has spoilers again LOL.

…well. Since there are a few warnings in this, I should make a list LOL.


  • Spoilers. Look out for this. LOL.
  • The anime contains SEX. BUT. It ISN’T graphic.
  • Slight shota..? The guy isn’t THAT young. But it has an adult and teen relationship.
  • Incest. Kinda obvious from the title. LOL.
  • It’s yaoi. LOL. This shouldn’t be a warning, but sadly, there ARE people out there that are disgusted by this.


OH. And btw, I haven’t seen this thing in like a week or 2, so the plot is freaking blurry in my mind. So sorry if I get some plot points wrong, or put them in the wrong order. LOL.

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Ooohgirl, that's some SEXY love ;D

Papa To Kiss In The Dark is a really unique type of yaoi. Though, it’s one of the first ones I’ve seen, so I can’t compare it to much.

But let’s start here.

The anime is about a young boy, Mira, who has a famous and quite sexual dad, Kyousuke. Right in the beginning, Mira is rushing to get ready for his very first day of high school. He becomes totally paranoid about the time, and attempts to wake up his dad while in a rush. But, this reveals that his own father, Kyousuke, is sexually attracted to his own son. He pins him down to the bed and does what a horny man does best.

To his own son. [insert crowd gasp here]


So, since Mira already thought he was running late to school, well guess what? That little session with his father obviously made him late. And because of that, the doors to the school were all locked. Luckily, a boy named Takayuki Utsunomiya opens the door. Throughout the film, he constantly calls Mira “cute” whenever he sees him. He’s a minor character, but his role is HUGE. …ish. Keep that in mind.

ANYWAYS. He gets in the school, he sees his friends (He has a friend, Kazu, and his role is pretty big.), blah blah blah, etc, etc, etc.

Then he notices his dad is in the school as well, being fawned over by all his fangirls.

Do I sense some jealousy here? Well, I think so.


He immediately thinks he’s cheating on him (and he gets this feeling quite a lot throughout the film), and when Kyousuke gets home, he seduces him. Quite successfully, I should add. Though he had to leave in the middle of the seduction though.

Now, here’s the exciting part. Mira finds adoption papers, so he begins to think that Kyousuke isn’t his actual father, which makes him even more questionable about Kyousuke cheating on him. Especially the fact that he was rumored to be marrying his co-star, Mitsuki Utsunomiya (Doesn’t the last name sound familiar? Keep this in mind too).

Thinking Kyousuke was cheating on Mira, Mira’s friend Kazu didn’t think Kyousuke was right for him. So, adding on a little more seduction, Kazu strips him and pins him to the bed and tells him that he loves him. Mira, though, didn’t feel the same way because he wanted to stay true to his father.

SEDUCTION...NUMBER 2 O__O HE DOESN'T WANT YOU, KAZU D<..This whole cation rhymed LOL.

After discovering that his father was in an accident on set while filming a movie, he rushes to the hospital to see him. His father’s assistant then informs him that Kyousuke never cheated on him, and only acted like a flirt to make him jealous for the heck of it. Mira was practically the love of his darned life, man. ..That corrupted incestuous life.

THEN. After THAT little scene, Mitsuki visits Mira at his house and tells him he wants to take him in as her son because she said that “she has the right.” (Keep this in mind. This story has a ton of bits and pieces scattered all over the plot, and they all come together like a puzzle in the end)

Mira, who became furious after hearing that “she has the right,”


And here’s my serious side again. Yep, he told her. But before I get into the ending, let’s take the little bits and pieces that were all over the plot.

  • Takayuki and Mitsuki have the same last name.
  • Mira is adopted, and doesn’t know if Kyousuke is his actual father, or is even related to him.
  • Mitsuki has the “right” to take in Mira as a son. Or so she says.

So when Kyousuke finds Mira at the park in the end, he explains everything so all of that makes sense.

Apparently, Mitsuki Utsunomiya had gotten a call from Hollywood, which was a dream of hers. Though she had a baby, and didn’t know if she could still do it or not.

And that baby was…..*drum roll*

Drama Queen Style: Puppy Dog Eye JUTSU!

..MIRA! So Mitsuki was the mother of Mira, hence the fact that she had the right to take him in. ALTHOUGH. Since she couldn’t go to Hollywood with a newborn baby, her brother decided to adopt him so she can live that little dream of her’s.

And guess who her brother is?

Darn those bishonen.

KYOUSUKE! So they weren’t COMPLETELY unrelated, as Mira thought. Kyousuke was simply his uncle.

And Mitsuki and Takayuki’s last name? Well, nothing big, but Mitsuki just got pregnant again and had Takayuki. So technically, Takayuki is like his stepbrother.

And that’s that! The whole twisted plot has become ….well. Untwisted, I guess. Off to the fairly opinionated ratings ;D


Animation/Graphics: 8.5/10
The animation is a big fat plus in this. Although it’s a style I’ve seen many times before, I still like the art. The fact that it’s something I’ve seen before sort of brought it down, even though I do like the style. It’s reminiscent to that of Ouran, with similar color schemes and character design. What I liked, though, is that the boys in this YAOI actually looked like BOYS. I really hate it when I see a boy that looks like a flat chested girl in a yaoi. Why not just make it a straight couple if the boy looks like a girl? Though, Mira DID wear some girly clothing. Pink Apron? C’mon now. But yea, he IS the bishonen. The thing I LOVED about this is that it had chibis in it! They were obviously comic relief (which I love, of course ;D), and although they were used only a little bit, it’s only fair because it’s a drama. One last note is that there was nothing explicit in it. They didn’t show any private areas whatsoever; not even during sex scenes. I don’t mind this though (I wouldn’t complain about some graphic scenes though). But what I found weird, is that there was a full frontal of a naked Mira in one scene, and he looked like a Ken doll without his package. LOL.



Storyline/Plot: 6.5/10
The plot has MANY details, and this OVA is only 2 episodes long. I think that it should have been at least a 3 or 4-episode long OVA to get everything soaked in. I mean, they crammed all the big fat details into 40 little minutes, and it get’s you confused with all the things happening at once. It was definitely fast, too. The storyline is also … well. Yea. I mean, he loves his father, his father loves him, but not in the way you’d expect. LOL. Also, I know Mira wants to love his father the way he does, but in Kazu’s seduction scene, there’s this little line that Mira says that’s something like “My body doesn’t tremble when I’m around him. Is it because we aren’t related?” …And that got me thinking. LOL. And I’m like, “…So he’s uncomfortable with a relationship unless he’s related to the guy?” LOL. …Well..the heart wants what the heart wants, right..? LOL.

Characters: 7/10
The characters are…well unique. LOL. Kyousuke’s cool, though. Like literally cool LOL. He has that sexy cool guy attitude most stereotypical pretty boys have. LOL. You know, that cockyness everybody likes? That little hair flip with sparkles most bishonen do?  Yep. That’s him all right. Then we have Mira. Mira’s okay, I mean he has most of the comic relief moments, and you know me, I love me some comic relief. LOL. But yea, his character is really drama-queen-esque. I mean he cries into Kyousuke’s shoulder when he comes home late, then they have make up sex. He cries when Kazu seduces him, and he goes home to Kyousuke to have make up sex. LOLOL. But THE WEIRDEST THING about EVERY SINGLE BOY in the OVA is that, they ALL wanna have sex with Mira. All of them. LOL. Kyousuke wanted him, Kazu wanted him, Takayuki wanted him…or at least thought he was cute, but he was still attracted to him, LOL. I mean, is he REALLY that attractive? LOL.

I can’t say much about music, because it didn’t have an opening. Though, the ending song was good. It’s definitely something I’d listen to. But other than that, I’m not going to give the music a rating.

Overall: 7.5/10
Overall, the anime was good. It’s not GREAT, it’s just good. It’s definitely something I like, but I still have yet to watch before I can consider it my favorite yaoi. I would recommend watching this to anyone that isn’t disturbed by incest, slight shota, and yaoi LOL. You guys might have to see it before you can take my opinion, but other than that, I liked the anime. There are definitely some drawbacks and criticism, but nothing’s perfect, right? ;D


Besides the whole romantic, dramatic, and unusual lines, this anime DEFINITELY has one of the best quote’s I’ve ever heard. LOL.

“You’re gonna be a good wife” -Kazu

“Yea, good at cooking, AND good in bed too!” -Mira.

And Mira gets a nice smack on the head for saying that LOL.



4 comments on “Papa To Kiss In The Dark (Review ;D)

  1. Bonnie says:

    That entire plot sounds so freaking confusing. :D

    Also incest lolew.

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  3. YeLovers says:

    I Like This anime.. and I Love Yaoi

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