So EVERYBODY knows that almost NOBODY uses the poor neglected airbrush on MS Paint D:

BUT. I recently discovered (through YouTube vids) that the airbrush can be used for a certain type of shading that looks REALLY cool ;D It can almost look realistic too :]

SO. I decided to give myself a little challenge to try and make a picture that mainly uses the airbrush ;D

Right now, it’s still in progress, but I’ll show you the complete thing when it’s done :D It’s supposed to be Kooh with no pigtails and brown hair LOL. So yea, it might not look like her ;D

butGOSH, it’s hard >__> I think MS Paint pros only use the airbrush ._______.


3 comments on “liekTeehee.

  1. felixdrillz says:

    Ah, I’ve actually tried using the airbrush in MS PAint before. After the inspired re-painting of MonaLisa on MSPaint LOL, and it was acutally very well done shading by airbrush. But of course my attempt failed. I’m looking forward to the picture Jed. Can’t wait!

  2. Bonnie says:

    People who use MS Paint to draw are cool, yo.

  3. Lexx says:

    Not too familiar with MS paint but even though I’m looking forward to see the results of using an airbrush. :D

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