Mint’s Embarrassing Moments

I’m just going to post these for no reason. You can post your embarrassing moments, too, or just comment on it.

1. I peed my pants like five times in kindergarten because there were only two bathroom stalls, and the doors wouldn’t close.
2. I ran up and hugged a lady because I thought she was my grandmother.
3. I tied my shoelaces to my wrist and couldn’t get it off when I was in 1st grade, so my Teacher had to cut the shoelaces off while everyone in my class laughed at me.
4. In one of the wavy pool things, I lost my floaty at the very end of the pool, and some weird man had to carry me to the shore because the lifeguards couldn’t see me.
5. I was yelling really loud because they were doing loud construction work next door, and they stopped abruptly, but I kept yelling. Needless to say, everyone stared at me because I was screaming.
6. I trip and fall in places with carpet or tile surfaces.

Most of these are from when I was 8 and under, except for 5 and 6.

2 comments on “Mint’s Embarrassing Moments

  1. Unkz says:

    Lol so you’re clumsy? xDD
    I’ll post 6 embarassing moments as well.
    But yeah, number 3 is just LOL

  2. Lexx says:

    WHOA.. number four is something. I don’t see how that’s embarrassing, the guy saved your life. :I

    I’m just going to post one embarrassing moment I’ve had. xD

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