full of surprises, wat

Today feels like it’s been full of surprises for some reason. lolwat.

Last night Mint’s suddenly back and at first I think I’m dreaming then have a mini heart attack.
Today I found out I got into Vindictus Closed Beta. happymmohoarishappy.
Today I find out onemanga is going down, with immediate response of WTF–NOOOOOOO.

okay so really there’s only three major-ish ones for me.
sup gaiz y so 'dead'


2 comments on “full of surprises, wat

  1. Unkz says:

    WELL IM GOOD. Just yeah, learning how to take good shots and stuff. That would help a lot with the interviews I intend to do. :U

  2. Lexx says:

    Yeah! That was great news when Mint came back. XD WELCOME BACK MINT.

    I just noticed that too. Checked out the onemanga site yesterday and this box popped up.. telling the bad news. I’m not so sad that they are quitting because there are other manga sites out there. Such as.. mangafox.com

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