Unkz’ Embarassing moments. 8D.

So like, yeah. I’ll do this because I’m eager to post something like that here cuz of mint’s post, and I want to see everyone’s embarassing moments too so yeahh 8D.

1. When I was 4-5 I used to hit my head against the wall to get high. LOL
2.  On 5th grade, my backpack with those wheels y’know ran over my teacher’s foot and she broke a toe. .__.
3.  While riding a bike, I got hit by a tricycle and broke my arm. Then my friends were like dude why didn’t you get out of their way? Because I had just learned how to ride a bike.(I was 12. .__.) LOL

4. In class, the teacher asked me to read a line of the book and this girl said: I like having classes, but when I said it, it was like this: It seems like there are people who still like to have classes.
5. When I had to carry my bed on the street, for like 5 mins. It was crowded. And I wore my PJs. I was still a kid. PJs are sad. I sleep only wearing my underwear now.

6. LAST but the funniest. I don’t know if its a dream, but yeah. Here I was PLAYING with myself, and my dad catches me doing that in the middle of the night. Again, it might be a dream. Still embarassing though. LOL


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