Did you guys die?

Anyone up for a game of “Would you rather…”?

No? Well, Fuck you. Too bad, we’re doing it anyways.

Would you rather get locked in a cage with a tiger or a bear?

Would you rather swim with piranhas or sharks?

Would you rather be super fat or super skinny?

That’s all for me. Feel free to add your own.

Updates from the lame guy who you don’t care about :
1) I have yet to see a double rainbow
2) I wish you were here.
3) I’d like to apply for the spot of the emo-kid.
4) Unkz’s pictures scares off people, can we take it off?

and people are leaving the house to go home,
I guess the death of my grandfather has started to calm down.



Wow, the house is empty now.

3 comments on “Did you guys die?

  1. Unkz says:

    Yeah I’m dead, boredom killed me. Now can you stop trying to piss me off with comments?

  2. Bonnie says:


    Mint just disappeared from us for a bit again.
    Jed’s in Flawrida.
    Ree’s just ree.
    You’re just taiwan boy.
    Lex is at camp or something.
    Unkz died.
    I’m just lazy.

    also; tiger, sharks, skinny.

    @3, UNKZ IS ALREADY THE EMO ONE AROUND HERE. along with tranny.
    @4, loooool.

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