Tonight at school..

Well, it was normal. Everyone just going “HIIIIIII -seizure-“, and teachers just giving that post-break speech about how the 2nd semester will be shorter.
But one thing that got me, was philosophy class. Ugh, I really love that class and I’m starting to like finally like the teacher as well.
Thing is, when we were walking back to class from the lab, the teacher was standing there and trying to say hi to some people. You know, all the greeting and stuff.
But seems like only 8 people greeted her (Class with 45 people. wtf) And then we got lectured because of that. It got to me, because I didn’t x_x. But I have an excuse, I was thinking about some weird shit bro. And I excused myself after class, so yeah I’m not a bad person =D=…

… Just someone that thinks a lot and loses focus when doing that.

Anyways, yeah. Uh, night people.


2 comments on “Tonight at school..

  1. Mint Tea says:

    WTF, people having seizures is normal?

  2. Bonnie says:


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