just `cause.

i have nothing better to do.
and dude this thing is so racist. LOL


[x] You drink a lot of tea. (AND I LOVE IT)

[ ] You know what a brolly is.

[ ] Deal or No Deal has taken over your life.

[ ] You wanted Ben to win X Factor.

[ ] You use the word “bugger” or the phrase “bloody hell.”

[x] Fish and chips are yummy. (Dad brings it home from the restaurant occasionally. Prefer the fish over the chips though, wat)

[ ] You can eat a Full English Breakfast. Easily. (I RARELY HAVE BREAKFAST AT ALL and when I do it’s not a lot… like most of my meals.)

[x] You dislike Emos almost as much as you dislike Chavs. (loooool Chavs)

[ ] It’s football…. Not soccer. (SCREW SPORTS IN GENERAL)

Total = 3


[ ] You wear flip-flops all year. (MY FEET GET TOO COLD IN THE WINTER. D<)

[ ] You call flip-flops “thongs” not flip-flops. (LOOOOL I LOVE AUSTRALIA FOR THIS NOW.)

[x] You love a backyard barbie.

[x] You know a barbie is not a doll.

[x] You love the beach. (MINE'S NOT COVERED IN OIL WOOHOO.)

[ ] Sometimes you swear without realizing. (you gaiz are potty mouths)

[ ] You’re a sports fanatic. (Again, SCREW SPORTS.)

[x] You are tanned. (i tan so easily somehow)

[ ] You’re a bit of a bogan.

[ ] You have an Australian something.

Total = 4


[x] The Sopranos is a great show.

[x] Your last name ends in a vowel.

[x] Your grandmother makes her own sauces. (asian sauces???)

[ ] You know how a real meatball tastes. (NO NOT REALLY)

[ ] You know Italian songs.

[x] You have dark hair and dark eye colour. (BLACK HAIR AND NEARLY-BLACK BROWN EYES…)

[ ] You speak some Italian.

[x] You are under 5’10”.

[ ] Pizza/spaghetti is the best foods in the world.

[ ] You talk with your hands.

Total = 5


[ ] You say ‘member’ instead of remember.

[ ] You speak Spanish or some.

[ ] You like tacos. (not that much.)


[ ] You are dark skinned.

[x] You know what a Puta is. (i know because of stinkin` BRs /COUGHUNKZCOUGH)

[ ] You talk fast occasionally. (I kinda talk slow irl. wat)

[x] You have had highlights or have dyed your hair. (looool temp stuff. it's all back to normal now though. NEVER AGAIN.)

[x] You know what platanos are.

Total = 3


[ ] You say villain as: Vee-lon.

[x] You have more than one vodka bottle in your house. (DAD USES IT FOR COOKING THOUGH…)

[ ] You know the difference between channel 1 and RTVI.

[x] You know of somebody named Natasha. (SHE'S RUSSIAN. APPARENTLY KNOWING HER MAKES ME RUSSIAN)

[x] You don’t get cold easily.

[ ] You get into contests all the time. (screw contests i can't give a crap for them)

[x] You can easily make do with the cold weather.

[ ] You eat sushi more than once a week. (what the crap.)

[x] You love listening to techno. (LOLYESSS.)

Total = 5 (I'm more Russian than I thought, wut)


[ ] Your parents let you drink. (MINE WOULD BUT I DON'T.)

[ ] You know what a pizda is.

[ ] You have Pierogi at least once a week.

[ ] People always ask to see your “kielbasa” checking if your Polish.

[x] People randomly call you their best friend. (randomly indeed. HOW IS THIS POLISH THOUGH?)

[ ] You have made/know what pisanki are.

[ ] You laughed when Poland beat the USA in the 2002 World Cup.

Total = 1


[x] You think beer is the best. (LOLSUREWHYNOT.)

[ ] You have a bad temper.

[ ] Your last name starts with a Mc, Murph, O’, Fitz or ends with a y, on, un, an, in, ry, ly, y.

[ ] You have blue or green eyes.

[x] You like the colour green. (YAY GREEN)

[x] You have been to a St. Patty’s day party. (it was boring with no beer but k.)

[ ] You have a family member from Ireland.

[ ] You have/had blonde hair. (nty.)

[ ] You have/had freckles.

Total = 3


[ ] You say nigga/nukka casually. (LOLLOL)

[ ] You have nappy hair.

[ ] You like rap.

[x] You know how to shoot a gun. (lolcamp.)

[x] You like chicken. (I GUESS?)

[x] You like watermelon. (Some watermelon.)

[ ] You can ‘sing’ gospel.

[ ] You smoke newports.



[x] You have slanty/small eyes. (hurrrr genetics)

[x] You like rice a lot. (BASISCALLY EVERY SINGLE DAY.)

[x] You are good at math.

[x] You have played the piano. (Mint tons of asians play piano… and violin… for some reason.)

[x] You have family from Asia.

[x] You laugh sometimes covering your mouth. (I DON'T KNOW WHY I DO IT SO OFTEN TOO)

[x] Most people think you’re Chinese. (MAYBE BECAUSE I AM?)

[x] You call hurricanes typhoons. (I USE BOTH TERMS… mostly hurricane lately though wut)

[ ] You go to Baulko. (what the crap is that)

Total = 8 (YEAHH…)

[x] You like bread.

[x] You think American Chocolate is good.

[ ] You speak some German.

[x ] You know what Schnitzel is.

[ ] You hate it when stupid people call you a Nazi. (GRAMMAR NAZIIIII)

[x] You went to Pre-school.

[ ] You’re under 5’4″. (I'm that height wut)

Total = 4


[x] You like to ride 4 wheelers. (ONCE. AND IT WAS FUN…)

[x] You love beer. (LOL AGAIN)

[x] You say eh. (I don't notice when I do but I do)

[x] You know what poutine is. (IT LOOKS FUNNY TO ME.)

[ ] You speak some French.

[x] You love Tim Horton’s. (I went there only like twice and it's not bad. ;_;)

[x] At one point you lived in a farm house.

[x] You watch Degrassi. (I USED TO AT LEAST… like a ton too)

Total = 7 (lol?)


[x] You like French toast. (sure why not)

[ ] You love wine.

[ ] You speak a little or are fluent in French.

[x] You have eaten a snail. (was meh though D<)

[x] You like fashion.

[ ] You have been to France.

[ ] You are either a Catholic, a Muslim, a Protestant or a Jew.

Total = 3


[ ] You hate foreigners.

[ ] You hate non-Christians.

[x] You’ve been to more than 5 states.

[x] You’re lazy

[ ] You are not cultured.

[ ] You hate abortion.

[ ] But love the death penalty.

[ ] You don’t read.

[x] You shop at Wal-Mart.



[ ] You know what lefse is.

[ ] You can speak some Norwegian.

[x] You love trolls. (LOOOOOOL)

[ ]You know what lutefisk is.

[x] You have been whale hunting/seeing. (ONLY SEEING.)

[x] Food made with potatoes and flour rule.

[ ]Fish is a huge part of your diet.

[ ]You have blue or green eyes and have blonde or brown hair.

[x]You know how to fish and have fished before. (more lolcamp.)

Total= 4



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