Day 7 – Dis Is Caektown!

Day 7 – Photos Derp.

Oh mai god, Day 7.
A week of this and you know…
It’s nice, I enjoy showing things with you guys,
and also learning more about you guys in return.
This lovely picture makes me happy,
Because these are the bros. lul.

Shannanigans in English class.
And yea. Happy face is I.

I don’t know.
It just occured to me
that all my bros are asian.
oh wow, do you guys have this many asians in your towns?
This is like 0.1% of the asians in my school.



2 comments on “Day 7 – Dis Is Caektown!

  1. AnonymousP: says:

    lol, everyone is azn in my place. Cept those from outside comes in to get jobs but lalalalala………………………… :D

  2. Bonnie says:


    Actually I know of most of the Asian families around here and it’s not a lot at all. 8D

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