Things I Dislike/Mint’s Rant

I dislike self-righteous people.

I dislike people who put others down because their religion isn’t the same, or overly religious people who push their religion onto others.

I dislike vegans who think they’re better than everyone else because they won’t eat meat and their food ‘doesn’t scream’.

I dislike people who put down vegans, and call them pussies.

I dislike people who hate people in other countries, solely based on stereotypes.

I dislike people who think their country is superior to anyone else’s. Did they even have any part in their country’s successes? No.

I dislike people who think war is ALWAYS the answer.

I dislike people who think peace is ALWAYS the answer. (Even though I wish it were true.)

I dislike people who believe they don’t matter in the world, so they think killing themselves is  the answer to their problems. Everyone matters, and you killing yourself makes everyone around you mourn, so don’t act like you ‘don’t matter’.

I dislike politicians. Politicians want everyone to be enemies, so that we’re so busy fighting each other, they can keep cashing checks.

I dislike people who feel the need to judge everyone they see based on their skin color, racial identity, background, income, neighborhood, house they live in, family, what people say about them, or their looks. If you took the time to actually talk to that person, maybe you would think a lot differently.

I dislike unpatriotic people. Not so patriotic that you think your country is superior, but patriotic enough to love your country enough to change it if things are going wrong, and enough to support your troops. War sucks, but your troops are there to protect YOU.

I dislike people who complain a lot. If you hate it so much, go out there and change it.

Despite all of the things I dislike, I don’t hate anyone. I think there’s good in every person. But, sometimes you just can’t change everything that’s wrong in the world. So why not start small? Smile at people when you see them, and greet them warmly. Don’t be so rude to people you don’t even know, or people you DO know. Help around more, even if it’s just taking out the garbage at your house. Yeah, this is a very cheesy ending, but it’s sincere.

And of course, these are only opinions, and I’m not grouping every vegan, religious person, etc. together. There’s always nice people from every culture and background.

Yeah, so. Bye. This is just to make up, because I’m not doing the tumblr day challenge for day 9,10, or 11. Plus, I haven’t done a rant, yet, and I just wanted to vent out a few things.


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