Funny facts.

Tonight, I found out that my friend is going to try muay thai, jiu jitsu and boxing at the same time. Note: She didn’t even know how to cross a street properly last month.

Whenever a girl sits behind you, and she has a sharp object SHE WILL, I repeat, //SHE WILL// poke you with it.
“-poke- OH OH OH, DID IT HURT? 8’D?” “… Yeah.” “OK 8D -pokes even faster-”

Having a girl slap your ass is fine, but you slapping it back is just wrong.
“-slaps ass- HOT DAYUM. ”

-5 minutes later-

“-slaps ass- PAYBACK TIE-”


If you stare at another girls’ ass around another entity of the female genre, they will notice. ALWAYS.

When a girl does this sorta seductive dance to either make you laugh, or feel sorta excited and you end up expressionless, they were epicly egostabbed. That’s how you ruin poplar self esteemz.

One last thing, it’s not a good idea to use your desk as a sled when the teacher is still in the room.


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