The eyes closed post.

Right now, I’ll make a post with my eyes closed. That’s right, no reading what I’m going to write. I’ll just think about stuff, then yeah. Whatevefrr shows up, I’ll just publish. Y’know, ´´ç at sjool do weird things. LAst night, they werejust riding chairs like skateboards, and they droppped a pc monitor on a desk. Ohhh boy, they were fucked. And yeah, I tsorta  o99is like that my friend fought with me. Meh, worst thing is that Iunno what happened this time. I wonder what do I have to do to make it go away. I’ll just go talk to her. Anyways, stressful week, and OH LOOK. A HOMEAGE TO JIMI HENDRIX. OMAHGAAAAAAAAA. He’s epic. I just love his songs, he was a true guitar god. Ughh, I’m so embarassed when I watch music awards and they nominate emo bands. Even more when those motherfuckers win. Omfg., it’s just shameful. srsly…

Weoo *’j soee-6 guys, I might fall asleep any minute now. So I’ll be leaving now.




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