1st Show.

So today was the 1st preview for our play.

Guess how it went.


Our teacher advisor cut out tons of scenes at our LAST rehearsals, and 2 people didn’t come to get our new cut scripts.

And they were mains.

So apparently, the people who didn’t come were completely lost, and I totally wouldn’t blame them. I blame our teacher who should have cut our scenes EARLIER.

Better yet, It’s fine with with all the scenes that were cut out.

Anyways, since they were lost, we had awkward pauses and everywhere. Once again, I wouldn’t blame them.

Then came my costume.

Deargoodness, my costume.

It consisted of a vest, a SNAKESKIN UNITARD, and a helmet-wig-thing.

I was panicking like crazy before the play because I didn’t have anything to cover my manly-half of my body (in a unitard), and the illiterate and rude kids in my school would have seen my junk flapping like a dancer in the 1920s.

But I ended up finding rags I could wear around my waist to cover up, and THANKFULLY my teacher was fine with it. @________@

But then came my helmet-wig-thing. I didn’t have a wig cap, so I was ghetto and wore PANTYHOSE on my head. As a wig cap.


But the thing was, the helmet-wig didn’t stay on my head too well, and we couldn’t put bobby pins on it cause it was too thick.

So, what happened?



And apparently everyone saw my PANTYHOSE HEAD.

But I immediately took it off. LOL.



And our bows were a fail. I don’t even want to get into that.

ANWAYS. I just hope we do better next time, and considering it’s my birthday, I hope I do good ;_;

What’s worse than messing up onstage on your own birthday? D:


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