in which i randomly go about my life

this is the first published post of the month on the F.F.
possibly only one of like… I’ll predict around ten-fifteen from this entire month.
just look at the POASTs section and see how badly we’ve dropped since summer. ):
for some reason, I’ve liked using (: and ): again. LOL.

I always lol when adults are like “…You’re pretty big to be trick or treating…”
I dressed up as a nerd.
but then I switched costumes with a friend for fun and TRANSFORMED INTO A WITCh..
I’m not really gonna bother with my candy.
well. maybe a caramel piece here and there.
but the rest of it,
it went to Jed.
my little brother Jed.

as for today
I’ve been playing Vindictus. :D
I love Evie.
everyone calls her easy mode though.
but apparently when you get to hoarfrost (lolollolhoar, UNKZ/JED/REE/MINT/me/other hoars, IS THAT YOUR DUNGEON? I BET IT IS.) and it’s like “OMG WHAT I HAVE TO ACTUALLY DODGE NOW?!?!!” for the evies who depended on their mana shield because now mobs actually chain combos on you.
I’m like, lv 12 still.
I want that scarlet witch set but I still need to go farm for mats… I accidentally NPC’d like a lot of the items too, I ALWAYS DO THAT IN ANY MMO… whatever though, I can do it. ):
I still gotta do decisive battle tomorrow too.
I’ve been chillin` taking my time. ):
also `cause school and other stuff has my time.
we got our grades today though.
and that was basically the only thing we really did in class because it was a half day and no one comes to school on half days expect cool people LIKE ME. ;D
…okay, mom wouldn’t let me stay home. ;_;

in gym… well it’s gym if I fail that I don’t know what the crap I’m doing. didn’t get grade in this class actually, but I participate and I aways have the right clothes/shoes. prolly an A+. hopefully 100.
in english, a 97. (I’d use extra credit for an 98 but aaaa… I only have a solid 10pts of it and I wanted to save it in case I do something stupid next semester)
in art, a 98. (my art teacher grades things weirdly. no grades for effort, you get grades on SHOW and AWESOMENESS OF HOW GOOD IT LOOKS. ttly different from what I’ve had in art the past… 8 years. but i think it’s pretty cool.)
in earth/env. science, a 99-point-something-I-forgot (HIGHEST OF ALL MY EARTH/ENV. TEACHER’S CLASSES, AAAAWYEAH.) we don’t really do a lot though. at all. and it’s only so high because using all the extra time in that class sitting around being banned from ELECTRONICS, I did extra credit worksheets that were hella easy. also, when she told the entire class my grade (cue “GOD BONNIE YOU FREAKIN` ASIAN”) she told me to do better. yeah, yes, sure miss rogers. sure.

easy semester is still easy.

tomorrow is election day.
meaning no school.
I gots plans for going to the FAIRPORT.
a FAIR. at the AIRPORT.
it’s PUNNY.
I’ll prolly get some vindictus in tomorrow too.
which brings me to say,
I got FIDDY BUCKS in the form of ultimate game card code.
I’ll figure what to do with it later.
prolly gonna go to nexon.
maybe ntreev.
or I’ll save it and forget about it in the far future.
yeah, no idea.

anybody but unkz, though.

I’m sposed to get my code for it through PM at some point today or tomorrow or some time. (I’M SO UP TO DATE ON ERRRRRYTHANG, AIN’T I?)

I be rambling so much.
I do this in like, every single one of my posts.
I don’t remember what I type.

I feel like this week will be a nice week.
heck, a nice month this’ll be.
no idea.
it’s just my gut.
if I just jinx myself like usual, OOPSIE.
well no, but today has felt nice;
weather has cooled down, it’s not 85 degrees fahrenheit in autumn anymore;
my school schedule works nicely, I’M NOT NOCTURNAL LIKE CERTAIN PEOPLE;
and just the little things.

recently my friends have been wondering why I don’t have a boyfriend still.
I don’t want one right now, gaiz.
I have like… ten years to find one.
I’m good just pointing out all the cute ones then not having to stick with one. BD
/sucha bad person
don’t judge me. ):

I’m kinda tired right now.
it’s 10:30pm.
I started typing this post like five hours ago.
I got a tad distracted.
okay, maybe a lot.

el oh el.


2 comments on “in which i randomly go about my life

  1. Unkz says:

    … Why am I the first one on that hoarfrost thing. D8 Y’KNOW I HELPED YOU WITH REFERRALS TOO YOU LIL.

    • Bonnie says:


      and you’re first because you’re the HOARIEST OF US ALLLLLLLL.
      the rest of it was in no particular order.

      /still dunno what i’m doing with fiddy dollars of UGC

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