Respect for the Pescetarians/Pollotarians here?

I don’t see it. It’s pretty sad.

Okay, so I’ve pretty much identified myself as a pesca-pollotarian. I basically don’t eat red meat (beef/pork) but I still do eat seafood and poultry.

I noticed there’s like no respect for pescetarians or pollotarians because they’re still “omnivores” and they’re not completely vegetarian.

First of all, most pescetarians or pollotarians don’t even consider themselves vegetarian. I don’t even say I’m vegetarian.

We’re not “disgraces” to vegetarians out there because we don’t even say we’re vegetarians.

Some people even become pescatarian or pollotarian as a stepping stone to becoming vegetarian.

Give them support, man. It’s pretty rude to get mad at someone for their dietary choices.

Sorry, just saw some hate comments on the internet towards pescetarians and pollotarians and I felt as if I needed to let it out.


5 comments on “Respect for the Pescetarians/Pollotarians here?

  1. Bonnie says:

    >I’ve identified myself as a pesce-pollotarian
    >I’ve identified myself as
    >identified myself as

    i’m not trying to troll i swear.

    but really titles/labels/names are stupid. k?
    people who complain about the pescetarians and pollotarians being fake vegetarians are stupid too, since they must like titles.
    be whatever you want and ignore. k.

    obviously not enough people know the meaning of pollotarian/pescetarian for people to go “I’m a pesce/pollotarian to a group and have the majority of the people understand what they mean.

    idk. and so if people shove food down your throat and you have to ask if there’s red meat in it, then they ask why, just answer with “I don’t eat pork or beef.”

    that sounds no different to me than hearing “I’m a vegetarian.” or “I’m a muslim.” to me

    just those titles are understood.

    being a pescepollotarian (DUDE IS THERE NO SHORT WORD FOR THIS I DON’T LIKE IT ;_;) is just more like… having to “I’m allergic to mushrooms.” or “I really dislike all cheese.”

    that’s understood too. and i’m guessing there are fancy words for shroom-allergy or cheese hating but not too many people know those.

    i don’t know where i’m going with this comment cause it sounded a lot better than this in my head.

    ALL IN ALL, i think labels are stupid.
    dear god

  2. Jed says:

    Oh, I totally get you ;/ Labels suck candied dick.

    But I just use pesca-pollotarian because I think it’s a lot easier to call myself that, because if I say “I don’t eat red meat” to people, I automatically get “Are you a vegetarian?” which just makes everything a LOT more work.


    • Unkz says:

      … how so LOL. Are you going to pretend to be a vegetarian in front of them if they jump to the conclusion that you’re a vegetarian?

  3. Laurel says:

    I totally agree. I eat poultry & fish as well. I don’t find vegetarians to be as rude but (some) vegans are ridiculous. Reall, if I eat any meat at all I should go fuck myself eh? Seems really counterproductive to me. I would think they would see the value of people at least aligning themselves with their their thinking if even to a degree. Berating people that are making an effort does nothing to help their bottom line. That’s just thinking anyway.

    • Laurel says:

      Jeez. Typos. Sorry. Tricky on my phone. Can’t see all of what I’m typing. Couldn’t find an option to revise either.

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