Epic-est of all Epic Fails.

So, I’ve been sick the past few days, and today, I woke up feeling sick, and I didn’t wanna go to school.

I told my mom to call in sick for me, but I realized today was our critique for AP Art. I decided to go with my plan of not going to school, but I’d go to 5th period just for AP Art, then leave after that’s over.

So I slept in, woke up at 11, got ready, then caught the bus at 12:20. 5th period started at 12:32, so I started panicking a bit on the bus.

I got out the bus at 12:27, and RAN my @$$ of to get to class.

Luckily the school clock is like a minute or 2 off. It might not sound like much, but it’s a big difference LOL.

SO ONCE I GOT TO CLASS TIRED AS F*CK, my teacher decides that it was best to postpone the critique tomorrow if the class was okay with it.

MOTHERF*CKER. I painted for 5 hours last night, didn’t do my essay BECAUSE of the painting, ran my @$$ off to get to class on time, and then the critique ends up getting postponed.

I literally went “ARE YOU MOTHERF*CKING KIDDING ME?!” in my head.

I wanted to say no, but it sounded like most of the class wanted to postpone it >_>


After our teacher’s little announcement, the critique ends up getting postponed, and we had the whole period to ourselves to work on our art.

So me and my friends gather in our little spot, and talk and stuff.

Apparently, they didn’t want the critique to get postponed either, and they woulda backed me up if I stood up and said no.


Lesson learned: Stay at home, when you need to. … And speak when you have the dying need to.


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