Let’s try something new

Something new, like posting on the blog for the first time in like, what? A few months?

I dunno, but today, I’m wanting to start something.

I want to start to focus more on school and friends. Friends here meaning my friends off-line. Off-line as in off the internet. I’m looking at doing this for just a week though, so it’s not like I’ll be abandoning online buddies entirely. (Even though there’s so very many I can live with being just generally blocked off the web.) Spring break is coming up (late, thanks to Easter) next week. All my major projects from last week and the week before and basically due all on Friday. So I gave myself today to slack. Tomorrow I’m running down Asian Avenue and not really going with friends (unless they have answers to all the homework and projects ;D ). Rest of the week I’ll be going with the flow more, but still no compy.

I forgot what exactly led my mind to this, but I do remember this extra credit ‘project’ I had in World History. It was to give up all technology for 24 hours or some, and log your thoughts throughout all hours, at least once per 3 hours you were awake.

Also, humankind has been disgusting to me lately. Just in general. You know how it goes, maybe. I’m sure there’s at least a few million people on this planet that would get what I mean. There’s like 7 billion people, or some number rounding up to that.

A thousand of those people are attending the same school as me though. And today a lot of them made me happy. We have our EC Buddies, which are volunteers to be buddies and help out around the special classes. The EC Buddies and the special kids had a pep rally today during lunch, and I was so glad I got to go. Most pep I’ve seen at my school EVER. I WAS SO PUMPED MYSELF. ;-;

Our school’s special olympics and viking olympics are going to be on the same day some time by the end of the year, maybe the week before Summer vacation. There’s a lot of other events the same week, because exams are done and those 175 school days we have done are kinda just… yeah let’s get it over with.

Now I’m starting to ramble, and it’s already 11:00PM.




get it?

I do. ;D


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