HELLO SPRING BREAK, I’m having a very nice time so far.

It feels nice to have no work for now.

….I do have projects due the week after we come back from Spring Break though.

This is my break though. :c So, I’m USING IT AS I SEE FIT. Which means I’ll be sleeping, gaming, and screwing around like a person should.

Anyway, I remembered to do Day of Silence yesterday. I did earn a zero on a class assignment and lost someone who was supposedly a “friend.” But I feel good about why both of those things happened. I know someone who’s super religious, religious enough to say homosexuality is a sin. She questioned why I wasn’t talking, so I write a note saying “it’s day of silence– a day for silence to protest bullies to gay/lesbian peeps” or something. Then she goes off about how stupid that is, and how stupid gay people are. Then she goes ahead and assumes I’m one of those ‘stupid lesbians.’ Even though she knows I’m not a lesbian. I walked away at that point, `cause I was really about to punch her. She’s obviously not my friend anymore, so I’m glad. Friday morning I promised myself I’d stay silent the ENTIRE day, because there’s a good feeling around it. So for the zero, we were having a Socratic Seminar, and our teacher said it was a grade to participate, as in talking actively. I wrote her a note it was my choice to do DOS, but she still wanted me to talk too. But I figured it’s okay if I get that little zero on that one assignment because everything else I have in World History was a 100. Then I even managed getting around the lunch line, `cause normally you have to tell the cashier’s your student number, I just used my school ID and the cashier ID scanner. ;D A lot of people did Day of Silence at my school. (Okay, they were basically all in drama, art, JROTC, or one of my convinced buddies LOL, BUT THAT WAS LIKE, A LOT OF PEOPLE.)

I was happy.


lol dude there were mini tornadoes ripping up parts of the city. I kinda just slacked off at a friend’s house. My friend found their old gamecube though, so we popped in games and played all day, OLD SCHOOL.

And now I’m at home, typing this.

I think I’m try some new mmo over spring break.

After this week, I’ll only have five more weeks of school before SUMMER BREAK.

I thought that was extremely fast.

It really is, isn’t it?


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