I have a confession to make.

I’m a pressure junkie.

Yeah it’s the weirdest thing, I love the feeling of having pressure on my back.

Like having a short deadline for a project, or an essay. I don’t know, it makes me feel so alive and all.

Besides, I love that feeling you get after suceeding. And yes I have it everytime because I don’t like to fail.

However, only some sorts of pressure make me feel well.

Like a friend going like DO THIS, DO THAT pisses me off so quickly I just instantly blow it off on him(no pun intended).

Maybe it’s because I live in a generation that’s so addicted to videogames, I treat all those challenges like stages from a game, and as soon as I’m done with one, I walk towards a harder one.

Just my dr.Phil laying down one of his theories right there.

You don’t have to follow it, yenno.

=3= Anyways later bitchas. LESS THAN THREE


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