Oh my go—…. DA FAAAAAAACK!

So last night, I was at a sleepover at with my friends, and I decided to bring my yearbook.

I wanted to show my friend Alana the cute twins I call Thing 1/Thing 2 (Thing 2 now called DA FAAACK! for reasons that will be explained later).

So I showed them to her, and was all like “LOOK! THEY’RE SO CUTE!”

She stared at them for a second, and all of a sudden she was like “OH FUCK, I KNOW THAT NAME! THIS IS FUCKING AWKWARD!”

So then, she told me about this EXTREMELY awkward story that happened about 2 years ago.

It was Christmas Eve or something and her friend Ione were talking on AIM, and he told her that he thought it would be funny if she pretended to be a sexy whore in a chatroom with his friends.

She agreed, and he invited her to a chatroom, and Thing 2 (aka DA FAAACK!) was there.

She actually DID start talking like a whore, and made things up about her sex life.

So then she asked if anybody had boners, and Thing 2/DA FAAACK! said that he didn’t.

Then Ione, opened up a side convo with Alana, and told her that he was having a side convo with Thing 2/DA FAAACK!.

Apparently, Thing 2/DA FAAACK! said,

“She’s kind of turning me on. Does she have a Facebook?”


Which brings me to:



And you know what else is DA FAAACK! worthy?

Both Alana and DA FAAACK! are going to the same university next year.

AINT THAT SOME AWKWARD ASS SHIT? >_________________>


(Btw, DA FAACK! doesn’t know what Alana looks like, but yeah.)


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