Colleges I’m deciding on applying to. :D

But after community college :D

  • University of Hawai’i at Manoa. My FIRST choice, hands down. If I don’t get accepted here, fuck life to the fullest ;___; Although their education quality is only satisfactory, this is my fucking DREAM college ;_; DREAM COLLEGE! LET ME LIVE IT! ;_______;
  • San Jose State University. 2nd choice. I wouldn’t mind if I don’t get accepted here, but it’d be cool to since their animation program is pretty good. Downside is that they don’t have the languages I want >_>. Heck, no other college other than UHM have the languages I want LOL. (A couple of my friends are going here too :D …And so is DA FAACK! but he’s not the reason why :] ). I’d call this my back up plan :D
  • UC San Diego. I’ll know I’m good if I get accepted here, cause it’s a fucking UC O___O. It’d be amazing if I get accepted here because of their amazing education quality, but still, it’s not my number one choice.
  • Probably, but not likely, CalArts. This college was created by fucking Walt Disney, man. So, I’m sure as hell their animation program is damn good. Even if I get accepted here, I probably won’t go. It’s one of my last choices. I’ll only go if I don’t get accepted into any of the other colleges. DON’T DO THIS TO ME, UHM ;__;
I’m applying to UHM after my 1st year in City College, and if I get accepted there, SEE YA SUCKAAAA SF!
But if I don’t (which will break my heart down to fucking heart-dust ;_;), I’m going for another year. So, IF I’m taking that 2nd year at City, I’m applying to the other 3 colleges. Maybe 2, cause I’m iffy about CalArts.
UHM and SJSU have almost the same acceptance rate, so after community I have a pretty good chance of getting accepted into both (depending on how good I do in community).
The difference between them are the admissions requirements.
For UHM, I would only need 24 transfer credits and a 2.5 GPA (2.0 for in state, but dammit, I’m in California. LOL. So if I lived in Hawai’i, it’d be the same for SJSU).
For SJSU, it requires 60 transfer credits (almost all [but I think pretty much all] universities in California need 60), but only a 2.0 GPA.
So it’ll be about the same.
UCSD is a completely different story, though. LOL.
Acceptance rate is only 37%, man. 37% LOL.
60 credits and a fucking 3.4 GPA.
Shit, man. This is gonna take some work. I’m just gonna apply there to see if I’m good enough to get in. But only if I’m taking that 2nd year at City.
Then there’s CalArts.
The school requires a portfolio and an audition, rather than credits or GPA’s.
Actually, you don’t really need credits or a good GPA to get in. It’s all about how good you are. LOL.
Acceptance rate is actually lower than UCSD, though.
But yeah. CalArts is only a last resort. …A hard-to-get-in last resort LOL.
If I get accepted into every single one of them (YEAH FUCKING RIGHT LOL) I’m gonna go for UHM. Ohhhyeah. ;D

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