Really, now? Really? >__> My Saturday night.


This past week, I’ve been contemplating on whether to go to my friend Kim’s birthday party or the Drama Club Banquet.

Each one had its own pros and cons.

For Kim’s party, my closest friends were gonna be there. Then again, there were gonna be much more people I didn’t know, thus making me the awkward one at the party.

Drama Club Banquet already sounded bad. I’m always isolated when I’m around them nowadays and it has become rather clique-y, but then it’s my last year with drama club, so why not end it special?

So what did I choose? The Drama Banquet.


Before I head straight into the bad part, here’s a quick summary:

  • Chillaxing with Diana, Carl, and Nikki.
  • Started the party with a drama council meeting.
  • Food. Quiet Table.
  • My friend Romina told me I shoulda gone to the other party instead. I agreed.
  • I stuck with her most of the night.
  • Theatre games. Yeah.
  • Signing posters with little messages for each drama club member.
  • Graduate friends wanted to me to help them crash the party.
  • Plans ruined cause I never had the chance to shut off the lights.
  • Inside joke certificates for each drama club member.
  • Drama court announced.
  • 2011-2012 Drama council announced.
  • Dance party in the theatre?
  • Then the drama began.
First thing’s first, it began because of the people that were elected for Drama council. Mainly the president.

My amazing friend Meimei was elected president, and her runner up was my other friend who shall remain unnamed (I’ll give him the codename Ghetto :D).

It’s not that Meimei was a bitch, but it was because Ghetto was being a bitch.

The dance party thing began and shit went down.

I heard that when it started Ghetto left crying and was missing, Romina went missing, and Meimei started crying.

Sounded bad.

So, I stuck with my wise friend Alana (yes, the one that sexually turned on DAFAACK!), and we weren’t gossiping or anything, but she told me the explanations behind everything.

Ghetto was crying because he wasn’t elected president, Romina was out searching for Ghetto, and Meimei was crying because of Ghetto.


It was the reason why we call Drama club DRAMA club.

I later found out that Ghetto and his best friend have been conspiring to become president and vice president since their start in drama. Behind Meimei’s back.

I forgot the details, but I just remember it was an evil scheme.

I heard Meimei say, “I don’t know why they’d do that. I’ve been nothing but a friend to them.”

It broke my heart to hear that coming from her.

It pissed me off SO much that they would do that to her. She was the sweetest person I’ve ever met.

I felt bad for one of my best friends Aly, too.

She was a freshman and had to experience her very first drama banquet like this.

I already know that I will never remember drama club the way I wanted to.

I’m gonna be saying good bye for them for the better.

The only thing that’ll want me to go back will be because of Aly, since she is one of my best friends.

What they did was terrible, and although it isn’t my business, just WHY would you even think of doing that to someone who has been one of your closest friends since your start?

Fuck high school drama.

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