Next step to collge: Being able to pay for it.

The thing about community colleges, there’s a guaranteed transfer as long as you meet the requirements, so I believe I have a high chance of getting into UH Manoa.

Even though Manoa is a (hopefully) a year away, I’m checking out the tuition and fees, and they’re fucking scaring me. Especially cause I’m out of state.

It shouldn’t be as bad as when I wanted to go to Canada, but still. The rates are still high.

The tuition for an out-of-state student would be about $21,000.



I don’t even know how much money I’ll get with Financial Aid. Hopefully enough.

Luckily, there’s a program called the Western Undergraduate Exchange, and if I’m enrolled, I’ll be able to pay only $10-12,000.

Almost half of the regular tuition. Thank God. I pray I will be enrolled and will be able to pay for my education.

It’s still high though. I mean, compared to the university my sister’s going to, the tuition’s like $4,000. >_>

It’s only low because it’s a CSU (CSU’s tend to be lower in cost compared to UCs), the campus is almost brand new, and she’s not going out of state.

laskjfmasf. Ugh. Damn comparisons.

I’m fucking scared man, even though it’s a year away. I think I’m starting to get desperate.

I need fucking scholarships, man. NEED! ;__;

Then this comes in and make things harder: Manoa doesn’t offer a minor in Education. And this was my original plan.

I was gonna major in Animation and minor in Education, but mother of fuck, I can’t.


I’m either gonna have to kill myself by double majoring, or choosing one or the other.

But if the only choice I had was to choose one, I’d choose education.

I’ll be able to stay in Hawai’i if I major in education.

But the thing is, I thought you just needed credentials to teach, so I still might be able to minor in Animation, and teach art in schools in Hawai’i.

But if I wanna live in Hawai’i, what can I do with animation?


Dear college system of Hawai’i, Please understand that I come from a middle class family that can’t afford their son’s dream school and possibly won’t be able to double major, so help me out ;____________________________________________;


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