Mindfuuuuck! o___o

So I posted a status on Facebook saying “Instant Messaging services taught me how to type better than any other program our schools’ computer classes made us use.”

Then my friend Kristine told me that group chats stimulate your brain more than video games do.

Cause she said you gotta be able to read, comprehend what you read, think of a reply, and type a reply fast enough for you to get your thought across all in a matter of a few seconds.

Mindfuuuck, right? LOL.

Then imagine MMO’s. It’s both a video game AND instant messaging in one. Our brains must be extremely stimulated LOL.


One comment on “Mindfuuuuck! o___o

  1. Bonnie says:

    This is why MMO people are so much more nicer/smarter/tolerable than REAL LIFE PEEEEEPS.
    Well, minus the little ten-year-olds in Maplestory/other stuff.


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