So I participated in Relay for Life this weekend, which is basically this thing where we walk laps to fundraise to support to find a cure for cancer.

Yeahh. And you’re supposed to stay up for 24 hours (and camp out at our school’s track). Or at least try to LOL. I mean, you CAN sleep, but they said you weren’t supposed to. Not that there were any consequences or anything.


So, around 3AM-ish, our group’s tent started to our energy. Sadly D:

So my friend Edgar and I decided to head to the bathroom so we could brush our teeth and I could take off my contacts.

By the time we got back to our tent, everybody knocked out. Cold.

We were a bit hesitant to head outside since we didn’t know the loud people that seemed like they were partying, but yeah. We found people we knew anyways :D. We ended up finding Charles and Nadine walking on the track, so we joined them :D

We talked for a bit and walked a couple laps.

Yeahh. ;O

Then we suddenly had the idea of checking out the “haunted” tennis courts, to see if the story was real or not.

So the story says that there’s this girl that’s supposed to show up at our school’s tennis courts, and she asks you what time it is. I kinda don’t wanna go into detail cause the story kinda scares me LOL.

Anyways, at first, we tried taking the short way to the court, but the gate was locked. We tried climbing the fence to get a glimpse of the court, but yeah xD So then, we walked around to find an exit, only to find out another gate was open LOL.

Psssh, it was fun trying to jump the fence anyways.

The stairway to the tennis court was creepy, though. Especially at 3:30AM LOL. I mean, all you can see is tree and dark. Anyways, we arrived at the tennis court, and daaamn, it was dark and creepy as fuuuh. But no creepy girl. The gate to court was open (as it always is) so we headed inside like badasses we were. We ended up walking across the court and back, only to find nothing. ;O

So we proved a myth wrong bitchessss.

And next, we headed to the soccer field because we wanted to watch the sunrise. And plus, it had a view of the city. ;O

We got to the soccer field, and we had about an hour or 2 before the sun rose. So, to pass the time, we decided to roll down the hill :D LOL. Funnest shit ever. LOL.

We kinda had a race, too. Kinda LOL. After we all went, Edgar and Nadine rolled down together, and they wanted me and Charles to try it and see how far we went.

They kinda won LOL. :D

The sad part was that Charles and I lost our phones LOL. And we rolled pretty far down too. Especially me the 1st time. We found our phones eventually. Took us a while though. LOL.

Then we suddenly forgot about the sunrise LOL. So, we headed to a small park past the trees and across the street.

We chilled there for a bit, just talking and stuff ;O.

yeah ;O.

By the time we got back to the track, it was around 5-ish, and our tent was awake.

Apparently, they missed out on a party while they were asleep, and when they woke up, the party was over LOLOL.

We kinda heard the party people partying while we were adventuring LOL.

Yeah. :D

I gotta admit, Charles is pretty cute, and this little adventure that included him was pretty cool ;O

Nah, I’m not crushing on him. He’s more friend material to me. LOL. He’s just cute. LOL


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