College Planningggg. Again.

So I’m ignoring almost all of the suggestions my counselor gave me. LOL.

Except for Psychology, but I’m a bit iffy about it.

So, right now I have:

  • Elementary Tagalog.
  • Human Sexuality. (Maybe. I love sex ed LOL)
  • Zoology. (Cause I need a science, it’s transferrable, and it’s a lab class ;D THANKGOD!)
  • Like I said, Possibly Psych.
  • Possibly Intermediate Swimming if I don’t take psych. I wanna work out aside from Tahitian (which is more of a passion-thing), but the hard part is that this class isn’t transferable. The only transferable PE class is Modern Dance LOL. Not my thing, but it’s an awesome dance.
Then the things I’m just thinking about taking just cause:
  • Creating Career Options. Sadly, it’s not transferable, but the class seems really helpful. The name’s kinda self-explanatory. I might take it my 3rd and hopefully last semester when I got the rest of my credits done with.
  • Basic Drawing, then Humorous Illustration. Only in case maybe I wanna brush up on my skills again or I might change my mind and go back to Animation. Basic Drawing’s a prereq for Humorous Illustration, cause yeahh LOL.
  • Anthropology. I already know a lot about Pacific Anthropology, so yeah LOL. I just wanna take it cause I like the subject, AND it’s transferable.
  • Some sort of Animation course. To see if I still wanna do it or not LOL.
  • Hip Hop. I took hip hop for a couple of months back in 8th grade, and I might go back to it LOL. Hopefully I won’t see anybody there. LOL. I’ll take this if I don’t take swimming.

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