I REALLY wanna do Hula.

Kinda more than Tahitian.

And it’s not that I hate/dislike Tahitian, it’s just I wanna try out Hula more than I do Tahitian.

But idk any places that offer hula D:

I mean there’s [name removed just in case. LOL. Let’s call it freeplace LOL], which is well known, and Tahitian/Hula (they offer both) is free for guys right now because they’re short on guys.

It’s just…

I don’t wanna do it there LOL.

My sister’s group competes with them, andthey’renotthatgreatandevenmymomandsisteragree. andifeelbadsayingthiscauseihavefriendsthatdancethere.

But their hip hop is fucking raw. Undoubtedly.

I mean, it wouldn’t hurt trying out Tahitian.

But it won’t be THAT bad if I wanna say I wanna do hula at another place. Cause yeah.


I’ll try to say something about it.

Or I’ll just take Tahitian anyways.



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