Ugh. I think I’ll just bite the bullet. Fucking heeeelp ;_;


I woke up thinking “ughhh. I wanna dance SO bad … I think I’ll just take it at the freeplace.” (no names mentioned just for my own good LOL)

Biting the bullet like a mofo >.>

I mean, hey, it’s free. AND they do hula, which is what I wanted to do more.

Bitches better have/do Kane Kahiko >.> THEY BETTER.

asl;dkfja;sdfjasdklfa. Some of the little bitchy girls from my school are in that dance group though ;___; I don’t wanna be with them ;__;

Plus, the same school offers theatre, and HELLA people from my school’s drama club take the theatre classes there.

Which means I’ll see people I’m trying to avoid.

adsklfj;asdfja. UGH.

Then my previous experience with this school was just ughhhh.

I took hip hop there in like middle school, and didn’t like it.

I mean, we danced, but NO ONE talked to each other. Unless they knew each other previously.

I mean, if I wanna dance, I’m just gonna have to put up with that shit, though.

I gotta deal with this dance group I don’t wanna be in, AND with people I don’t wanna deal with.

I just wanna do it to dance.

I’m (HOPEFULLY DAKLSFJ) moving to Hawai’i in a year and a half anyways, so I can just deal with the shit for that year and a half I’m here, and just switch to another halau in Hawai’i (as if I had a choice LOL).

You see, there are a LOT less negatives if I just join the other dance group I wanted to join. >.>

The only downside is that my mom can’t pay for it. And it’s not even that expensive. ;__;

asldkfja;sdlkfja;s SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT.


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