Dance/College planning. Once again. LOL

I feel like I’m annoying you guys with all my repetitive posts LOL.

The only things I ever post about is college planning and contemplating about dance LOLOL.

So here’s a 2 in 1 special for you guys :] LOL.

If I ever do get the chance to take Tahitian or Hula, I’m definitely gonna try to stick with it.

And if I ever do do it, I wanna side career in it. Like I said, I wanna teach a dance class or open a studio ;_; I really hope it’s not too late.

Fuck you Merrie Monarch for inspiring me ;__; FUCK YOU ;__; (and thank you at the same time LOL)

I’ll make a Merrie Monarch spam post sooner or later just for you guys ;D LOL

Merrie Monarch is the biggest Hula competition in Hawai’i btw. It’s named after King Kalakaua, who’s nickname was the “Merrie Monarch.”

Anyways. Back to the topic.

Andyeah. Since I wanna do something with dance now, I kinda thinking of minoring in dance.

I just hate how everything dance related in UHM is like Ballet and Modern-related LOL.

They barely have any Tahitian or Hula based dance classes for dance majors/minors.

But they have Tahitian and Hula Kahiko ensembles there. Which is close enough, and I’m definitely joining either one or both. But it’s not for dance majors/minors LOL. It’s under Music LOL.

For dance majors/minors, a requirement is Pacific dance, so I’m thinking it includes Polynesian dance (if you haven’t realized, Tahitian dance comes from Tahiti [IFTHATWASN’TOBVIOUSENOUGH] and Hula comes from [FUCKING GUESS. IT’S OBVIOUS ENOUGH LOL], which both are in Polynesia LOL).

Cause. Well, I mean, Polynesia is in the Pacific, right? LOL. So Pacific Dance=Polynesian Dance, right? LOL.

It confuses me LOL. laksd;fjaks;ldf.

But still. On top of that, I’m gonna have to do modern and ballet regardless if I choose to minor in dance. I’m not one for those type of dances LOL.

Although, a Master’s Degree for Dance Ethnology doesn’t require skills in ballet or modern.

…Okay maybe it says “Proficiency in ballet, modern, ///OR/// an Asian or Pacific tradition.”

Keyword: OR.

So, if it means what it literally says, it doesn’t necessarily require ballet or modern, and I can get away with skills in Hula or Tahitian ;D LOL.

I did my research, and I don’t necessarily need a Bachelor’s Degree in dance in order to get a Master’s Degree in dance (this can go for other certain subjects too ;D Just a head’s up just in case you might go through all this in the future LOL).

Dance Ethnology sounds extremely interesting, too. I mean, it’s related to Anthropology, which I’m hella into, and it’s studying all this shit behind dance.

Butyeahhh. That’s for AFTER I graduate college LOL. (if you didn’t know before, Master’s Degrees are for college graduates)


Yeahhh. I mean, I can still get a career in dance even without all that college stuff.

I mean look at Kyle Hanagami (you prolly might not know him LOL. Just read on to know about him). He was a major in fucking BIOLOGY, and he fucking travels the world as a hip hop choreographer.


18. LATER THAN ME ;_____; This is true inspration, man. TRUE INSPIRATION ;_; (I think the whole “YOU CAN’T BE  A PROFESSIONAL DANCER UNLESS YOU STARTED AT 3-12 YEARS OLD!” only goes for ballet and jazz LOL. But IMO, it’s never too late to start ;O)

I mean, even though the Hula scene is like almost exclusive to Hawai’i (and the only other part of America would be the Bay Area. LOL), I still wanna teach Hula D: Same with Tahitian, except that extends to Tahiti (Hawai’i and California [Bay Area only LOL] too. That’s why you guys have never heard of it.) So I won’t be as well-known as Kyle Hanagami is.

Andyeah. You can get a lot farther with Hip Hop LOL.


Kyle Hanagami’s my dance inspiration for a dance I’m not even trying to get a career in LOLOL. (Although, I AM kinda thinking of taking hip hop classes at City College, since they have it. I don’t want my dance-interest-thing to be limited only to Hula and Tahitian. I wanna expand my horizons, maaaaan.)

Maybe I’ll be the Kyle Hanagami of Tahitian and Hula LOLOLOL.

I’ll make a Kyle Hanagami and Merrie Monarch spam post sometime soon, just to give you examples of what inspired me ;O


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