College Planning. Once again.

I’m pretty sure you guys could give less of a fuck right now after all my college planning posts LOL.

But yeah. One more time. Maybe more LOL.

So I planned out my schedule for City TWICE (LOL), and everything’s working out well so far. (I’ll show you my diagrams later cause I’m lazy right now LOL, so for now, I’ll type it out.)

I found out you can go to a waitlisted class anyways, so I’m REALLY glad ;__;

Anyways, my 1st plan is my more chill plan, but I’ll be in City longer.

Chill Schedule :D :

  • Anthropology – 9-10AM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • English – 9:30-11AM on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Tagalog – 12-1PM everyday.
  • Math (Elem. Algebra ;_;) 1-2PM everyday.
  • Open Gym (They call it SUPERCIRCUIT ;D LOL) anytime, anyday. :]
  • Possibly hip hop if they open it. ;_; If they do, it’ll be every Wednesday at like 3-5 LOL. (If not, I’ll bite the bullet and go to the nearby school that teaches hip hop LOL)
Yeahhh. That means my schedule starts at 9/9:30 and I get home by 2 everyday, with an hour lunch break between Tagalog and Math ;D
That’s why it’s so chill LOL. The only reason why I’ll be in City longer is cause I’m not gonna be taking the condensed Math course (READ ON BRO)
Then for my more intensive schedule:
  • Condensed (like a semester’s worth of math into 2 months) Math 8-10AM everyday (from 8/17-10/12. Then from 10/13 to the end of the semester, I’ll take a higher level math)
  • Tagalog 11-12 everyday.
  • Anthropology 12-1 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • English 1-2 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Hip hop if they open it LOL.
  • Then the open gym/super circuit thing LOL.
As you can see, this is like torturing myself.


I have to get to school by 8 everyday, and I only have a brunch break from 10-11 every single day.
On the plus side I get home by 12 on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Depending on how long my friends wanna do the open gym thing for LOL). And I also get to move on to higher math classes faster than usual, and I’ll be able to transfer sooner.
I just don’t wanna overwork myself, cause I’ll get lazy LOL.
Idk. Which one should I go for? ;_;
I’m leaning towards the intensive schedule so I can transfer sooner (which means Hawai’i will be sooner LOL), but then I’ll feel overworked and I’d have to wake up extremely early to get to class on time.
Which makes me wanna take the chill schedule, but that means Hawai’i will be farther ;__;
HELP? ;_;

3 comments on “College Planning. Once again.

  1. Bonnie says:


    That’s what’d I do anyway.

    But I’m a chink that overworks herself without noticing sometimes.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Bonnie’s right. Go get intensive.

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