Today was pretty damn fun :D

Don’t feel like going into detail though LOL

So .. :

  • Rogene and Kristina picked me up :D I was supposed to walk to Kristina’s before 11, but I was running late cause I had to register for City. My schedule’s a bit different than planned, but it still works out LOL.
  • Picked up Lily, then Edgar. If police caught us while we were driving, we woulda been pulled over like a mofo LOL.
  • Headed to Great Mallll :DDD 1st stop: Jollibee. LOL.
  • Shopped around ;O We didn’t buy as much as we expected though LOL. Still fun :D
  • By the time we were done shopping, we were still KINDA hungry, so we spent like an hour looking up nearby sushi buffets LOL. Chewed gum to get hungrier LOL.
  • Found Milipitas Buffet (12-13 per person :D Not bad ;O ). It was satisfying LOL.
  • We were a LITTLE short on money, so we gave our waiter like a 35 cent tip D: We felt SO bad LOL. He was a good waiter D: He was really nice LOL. So, we wrote an apology letter because we felt THAT bad LOL.
  • Stopped to get some Tums just in case people would have had the need to digest on the way home LOL.
  • Jammed to some old school R&B on the way home. The emotional kind LOL
  • Our original plan when we got back home was to watch the sunset from the cliff near my house, but when we got back to Daly City, fog was thick as fuck. LOL. So we just chilled at my place :D (only cause everyone was curious about how Paul and Adrien [the foreign exchange students from France] looked like LOL)
  • Paul was locked out by the time we got home D: I rescued him when we got back ;O. Introduced him to Rogene, Lily, Edgar, and Kristina. LOL. They were ALL OVER HIM. LOLOL
  • Chilled a bit, then mom, Ate, and Adrien came home with food LOL. They were ALL OVER Adrien too LOLOL.
  • Mario Kart ;D OHYEAHHH! Adrien was beastin’. Rogene got the hang of it and was slightly beast. Paul was beastin’ the 1st time he played (his VERY 1st time LOL) and then he lost it LOL. Edgar was flirting with Adrien too LOL.
  • Rogene and Lily headed out to buy cards LOL.
  • Mario PARTY ;D Yeahh ;D
  • Rogene and Lily came back with cards, so we played Spoons ;D We forgot to do that elimination thing though LOL.
  • SLAPJACK! Edgar had the worst reflexes and kept losing LOLOL.
  • Chilling a bit before everyone left ;O  And because everyone was all over Paul and Adrien, they were like hella interrogating them LMAO
  • Edgar showed my sister his Single Ladies dance LOL.
  • Then yeahh :D
  • The end :D

Yeah. Today was pretty fun :D

Our song of the day was Boyfriend by BTR, cause we kept hearing it in Great Mall LOL.

The song that hit us the most was Angel of Mine during the car ride back home ;___; LOL.


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