College Planning. More of it. LOL

I found a way to be able to transfer after ONE single, intense, and grueling year.


As you guys probably might not know, my high school experience wasn’t the best.

And I was one lazy fuck.

But, in order for me to transfer after ONE year, I’m gonna have to take intensive courses.

I already told you about the 1st one, which was Condensed Math 840/860.

It’s elementary algebra and advanced algebra in one semester, and I already registered for it.

Wish me luck @_@

The other course I’m gonna have to take is Accelerated English 961A.

Like Condensed Math, it’s 2 different English classes squeezed into one semester.

It sounds like it’ll be harder. .____.

But if I want to transfer after one year, I’m gonna NEED to take it.

If I fuck up, my life in community college will be longer than I’ll want it to be.

A LOT longer. .___.

Let’s say I fail Accelerated English the 1st time, I’d prolly take Eng96 first, then take Eng1A next.

That’s a FULL extra year added on to community college.

I mean, I could TRY taking Accelerated again, but yeahh LOL

I mean, it’s normal to take 2 years of community college LOL, but when it comes to UHManoa, which ONLY requires 24 credits to transfer (as opposed to a UC or CSU, which usually requires 60 credits), 2 years is pretty fucking long.

If I don’t take Accelerated, I’m just gonna need to take one extra semester.


I wanna transfer after one year. ;___;

But since I’m starting dance, and I’m taking intensive courses, and the fact I have a history of being LAZY AS FUCK, I have NO idea if I’ll be able to do this D:

I remember when I first joined Drama club, my grades became fucking shitty ;__;

I swear.

I joined junior year, and my 1st semester report card of Junior year? Best grades of my high school career overall.

2nd semester and the musical came. My report card? 3 fucking D’s.


I feel like Dance will get in the way like Drama did D:

But dance is only once a week LOL. And Drama was everyday immediately after school with no fucking food break.

Okay, maybe it’s kinda different LOL.


I still have a reputation of being lazy LOL.


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