Okay, well Paul and Adrien are leaving tomorrow

The exchange students from France, btw LOL.

At first I thought it’d be awkward hosting for exchange students, but it was pretty cool having them over.

They were pretty cool :]

And I gotta admit, over time, I started to think they were cute LOLOLOL.

We’re having 3 more French guys and a Japanese girl come in next month though ;O

Sad thing is, I’m gonna be living with my grandma when they’re here LOL. (But since my sister and I noticed we were running short on food faster than usual with 2 extra mouths, imagine having 4 extra mouths LOL. Lucky I’m not gonna be there for most of the time LOL)

If the Japanese girl is a hip hop dancer, she better hook me up LOL.

But yeah, I gotta admit, I kinda might miss them LOL. They were pretty fun to have over ;O


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