Can you just not?

(Before I begin, this is NOT directed towards you guys LOL. This is about a couple of drama-graduate friends I’ve ranted about before.)

How many times do I have to fucking say I DON’T wanna smoke weed with you guys. Shit. Get it in your fucking HEAD. Stop fucking pressuring to do it, cause I DON’T WANT TO. I mean, it’s okay with me if you smoke, because I have no right to make your own personal choices, but why can’t you think that as well? It’s okay you smoke, just don’t pressure me to do it cause it’s getting on my fucking nerves. YOU’RE getting my fucking nerves. I’m SICK of being around you guys and your whole drama club-related-drama shit. You say you’re done with your fucking high school drama, yeah the FUCK right. If you’re done with it, why even bother to keep talking about it and complain about all the shit that goes on between you and the current drama club right now? Sounds to me you’re still not over it. I can’t stand to hear you guys bitch and moan all the time about it. I’m sick of it. Just fucking SICK of it. For once I’m gonna stand up for myself. I may not have the fucking balls to do it JUST yet, and maybe I’ll just make up little white lies to avoid you guys the first couple of times. But once I DO build up enough courage, I’m gonna stand up for myself and defend myself against you guys. Cause I know I’m strong enough now. If I don’t want you guys in my personal life anymore, I’ll fucking stand up for my self. I’m tired of being too nice, and I know I’m stronger than I think. Way stronger. Fuck out of my life, cause I what real friends are even though I’ve hardly ever had them. But I’m sure as hell they’re not you.

One comment on “Can you just not?

  1. Anonymous says:

    those guys are so not cash
    tell them to fuck off k

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