thank god they mail a schedule change request form with it

sup guys.

I got my schedule for my sophomore year in the mail today.

Right now it’s…

1st semester:

1st period: Latin II (for required foreign language– though I love it and I’ll be sticking with it all of high school)

2nd period: Health Science I (docta docta, give it to meeeee! …haven’t heard anything about this class really, but i’m actually pretty excited for it )

3rd period: Honors Algebra II (shoulda taken this freshie year, but it’s a-okay. it’s math.)

4th period:  Honors English II (heard it was mainly speeches. i got dis. )

2nd semester:

1st period: Horticulture I (LOLWTFNO. I’m requesting this to be swapped)

2nd period: Pre-Calculus (it’s math. ye.)

3rd period: Honors Civics and Economics (…I don’t know what to expect in this one)

4th period: Honors Chemistry (hell YES, perfect ending to my day omg)


I am pleased with the schedule.

Aside from the fact that I have horticulture in there, I mean really, what?

I had it as an alternative, yeah… like the fifth one down the line.

Psychology first, then  biotechnology (lol guess it got canceled/replaced), Ceramics, Anatomy&Physiology, Latin 3, and then… I don’t remember.



Apparently if I want to have my schedule changed before the first ten days of school, I should go to the student service office on August 9 or 10 from 8am-1pm.

These dates work for me though, since my school is on the way to the hospital and the hospital is holding a seminar  from 10am-12pm that I’m going to on the tenth. :D


now to decide just what to switch horticulture out with.

i mean, horticulture doesn’t sound too bad, but… I couldn’t go to that in the mornings and stay for 90 minutes, I COULDN’T.


also, when I switch out… all of this may or may not change, LOL.

it’ll be a nice surprise on august 25th, i guess.


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