Mindfucking Riddle.

I found it on Tumblr, and I THINK I solved it (with the help of looking at the notes LOL).

So it’s:

“You saw a shirt for $97. You didn’t have the cash, so you borrowed $50 from your mum and $50 from your dad = $100. You bought the shirt, and had $3 change. You gave your dad $1 and your mum $1 and kept the other $1 for yourself. Now you owe your mum $49 and your dad $49. 49+49 = 98 + your $1 = 99. Where is the missing $1?”

I did the math, and if the guy didn’t keep the dollar, he would have gave each of them $1.50. Which means, he owes them a total of $48.50.

So, 1.50×2=3. So he gave back a total of $3.

And 48.50×2=97.

And 97+3=100.

Right? LOL

I think I solved it. But how the fuck did the person who wrote the riddle get 99? LOL.

2 comments on “Mindfucking Riddle.

  1. Unkz says:

    You borrowed 50 from them, and got 3$ change then you gave back 1 dollar to each of them and kept one to yourself. Now you owe 49 bucks to each of them and since 49+49 = 98, there goes your answer.

  2. Unkz says:

    By the way, the dollar is in his pocket. /DERPMOMENTS/

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