Le Sigh.

So I had an English assignment yesterday.

And it was about how I should organize my study schedule, and if I was overworking myself by taking too many credits and other shit.

So I was thinking about it.

And realized that I really WAS overworking myself.

17 credits my 1st semester. Then I have dance every Monday and Wednesday.

Plus the fact my English teacher piles on the essays day by day.

And remember that post about how busy I was the other day?

That was fucking overwhelming. ;_;

AND the fact that my teacher reminds the fuck out of me of my horribleHORRIBLEHORRIFUCKINGBLE Theatre teacher.

And my friend Suyapa agreed that I “HAD ENOUGH OF HIM” LOL.

So I decided to drop English. ;_;

It was the most work intensive class I had, and it wasn’t even transferrable.

I’m just gonna take English next semester and PRAY/HOPE/BEG/GETONMYFUCKINGKNEEEESSSS to place in a transferable class at Skyline.

Cause if I won’t complete English93 this semester, I can’t take English931A next semester.

And that’s the transferable one ;_;

Ughh. I feel as if I’ll regret this, but at the same time, it makes me feel overworked.

Worst case scenario, I’m gonna need to take an extra semester.

And I fucking HOPE that doesn’t happen ;_;



Dear Skyline, Please know that I am a guy that has been striving for University of Hawai’i at Manoa for the past fucking year, and I’m dying to get accepted there. Place me in the lowest transferable class there is, so I can fucking get there when I want, ARRITE? ;___;



2 comments on “Le Sigh.

  1. Bonnie says:

    hope it works out bro.

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