so hilariously bad. literally

I laugh at despair. I don’t know. Nothing really gets to me man, LOL.

If I’m angry, I’m only angry for like… nothing longer than an hour at most.


It’s late August. It’s time for SCHOOL.


EDIT: horyjunk this is longer than I thought I was typing, LOL SORRY.


My first day of sophomore year was today.

It was… I didn’t expect this.

I don’t know, I expected it to be completely normal and that’d I get some okay teachers, not great ones or anything because I’ve gotten great teachers in all of my 8-9 school years.


I have the best teachers I can possibly get.

Then my day wasn’t so average-school-day-like.


First off, my school bus was late (rolled into the bus stop at 8:20).

My first bell rings at 8:25, and with the traffic we were ten minutes away from school.

I didn’t even get on the bus though, I bummed a ride from a BUS BUDDY.

So we rode off at like 8:19, lolbus turned into our road while we got on the main road through the city.

WE DRIVE ON ANYWAY, get to school at 8:35-ish.

Five minutes after school started, of course everyone NORMAL is in their homerooms.


So then I have to go downstairs, down to to the front building, just to see the hallway with a list of everyone and their homerooms.

My homeroom was just a hallway away from my old homeroom.

When you’re late to any class, all heads just magically turn to you when you get through the door. Even more fun that all the kids in this homeroom– they were all in my old homeroom from last year.

I sat down, teacher was going through NEW POLICIES our new principal was just SO GENIUS to come up with… yeah.

She got to the dress code section where she finally remembered to check everyone’s clothing to see if it was appropriate.

Mine apparently was not, I coulda sworn it was, but no. My shirt sleeves were not of adequate length for the new dress code. SERIOUSLY, I RATHER HAVE A REAL UNIFORM WITH THIS. LOL

I had a jacket though, so I was saved from going down to the office.

I also had an extra shirt that I changed into later… because it’s still 90 degrees over here and wearing a jacket is like suicide.

Oh that reminds me, teacher wasn’t sure, but she said ABSOLUTELY NO beverages or snacks in class. That does include gum.

I don’t really care about gum and snacks, but ANY BEVERAGES? She even said water was a big if with new principal.

I don’t know about you but IT IS HOT DOWN HERE. I WILL DIE OF THIRST.

I’m bringing my water bottle anyway. :(

Anyway homeroom is homeroom. Lasted an hour, all of it was spent on the new attendance policy, new lunch schedule, new dress code, new teacher rules, and more NEW, FUN STUFF the principal was just so GENIUS with.

First period bell rings. I have to walk literally just ten steps from my homeroom classroom, lololol.

First period is Latin II. Same teacher I had Latin I with because my school only has one Latin teacher. He’s a nutjob named Nailer who has a little tiny dog named Demeter and grew up in the south. I love this class. RULES AND REGULATION JUNK… repeats from homeroom on the new policies, blahblah. Latin review. Blahblah.

Second period was Allied Health Sciences I. FUTURE HEALTHCARE CAREER PREPARATION CLASS. There are black people I’ve never seen before in this class. Not trying to be racist… but lol there really are a lot of black people in this class. There were lots of seniors who were just in the class because they got locked out of other things. LOL I can expect a lot of students dropping this class for another elective, something flashy like Ceramics or Photography.

Well, those two classes were closed though. In fact, the student services office had a lot of closed classes listed on their office door, INCLUDING MY PRECIOUS PSYCHOLOGY… but the list was for first semester only.

Anyway, back to health science, the teacher is a nurse who picked up teaching last year and honestly said she barely had any idea how to teach. WELL… IT’LL BE A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. By the way there are dummies in the classroom laying on a hospital bed in a corner of the room and the classroom usually has half the lights off and it’s just so creepy looking and as a bonus there’s these fun anatomy figures lined up along the walls with detailed faces just STARING AT YOUR BACK WITH NO SOUL. It’s cool… yeah… really… All we did was ice-breaker stuff with name activities and silly medical jokes*. Oh and a mini-lesson on ancient medicine. (* see: LOL, SHE GAVE US THIS LINK)

THIRD period is Honors Algebra II with Mr. Zebra. I only call him that here because using real names leaves me more traceable and we all know unkz’s are out there. He’s the best teacher you can get for this class. I also suspect he is gay. The way he talks… yeah. It’s not very obvious but I can suspect something with him. He’s like 29-ish too. There are lots of sophomores in this class I know, but they’re mainly annoying guy ‘friends.’

Then I have LUNCH. The last lunch period of the day. New principal changed it so there are three lunches during third period to let everyone be able to sit in the cafeteria and not outside or in the building. During Algebra II, the bell rings six times, and we have to ignore it every day. I have lunch with good friends though. No people I talk to like back-up friends here. (cruel, ik, QQ) As the last lunch we eat from 1:30 to 1:55. It’s about ten minutes shorter than last year… I barely finished eating my applesauce, bro.

Lastly it’s Honors English II with some lady with a funny name… It looks like it’d be pronounced like ‘buryed’ but it’s more like “bir-yed.” Either way she’s so freaking AWESOME. She’s the same teacher in my brand new homeroom. She has this funny tone in her voice, like she’s so bored of us all even though it’s the first day. She cracks jokes A LOT and she’s more buddybuddy than a teacher to us. Obviously she’s another amazing teacher with no one better. Also she’s possibly another teacher who just teaches because the world just has nothing else. BUT I LIKE HOW SHE HANDLES IT. We did ice-breaking activity crap and coloured with markers and used glitter. SPARKLYS~~~~

then boom, last bell– oh wait, NO. It was five minutes early for some reason and good ol’ hated new principal is on the announcements. I laughed when everyone groaned– INCLUDING ms. bir-yed. She says she used to be out the door by 3:30 with us, but NOPE, new rule traps teachers in til 4pm– courtesy of new principal. I feel bad for the teachers, they have to go through with all this new system junk just as grudgingly as us students LOL. bir-yed is a suck-up, and she encourages suck-ups. While doing this mini project we’re going to write about later, she said stuff like “remember to act reeeeal cutesy and good so I don’t have to hover around you the entire semester, sucking up to your superiors can come a long way for you.” SHE’S SO RIGHT, THOUGH, IT’S WHY ALL MY TEACHERS HAVE LOVED ME…

Anyway when the last bell DID ring, I had to hop on my bus… only I never caught what number it was. And I didn’t even get ON it this morning, so it’s not like I can follow who else is on my bus because… I don’t know who’s on my bus.

So I turn to teachers manning bus lists. They apparently had this  badly thought through system of giving one teacher one bus route schedule and just direct students to xxx, who would more than likely point you to yyyy, who sends you to zzzzzz, and you get the point. Anyway it was so derp. I was better off getting on a random bus and playing dumb.



I was told I had to get on bus 300.

It wasn’t in the first round of buses so I wait for it to pop up.

Buses roll in, NO 300.

hits 4pm, still no bus 300.

I ask the administrator who was the one that told me I had to get on 300, she yells at me instead.

“You MISSED IT? Child you are in HIGH SCHOOL. You need to take responsibility.”

But I didn’t even miss it, it never arrived??? Actually no, she gave me the wrong bus number to begin with, because I did call a BUS BUDDAY and she said it was some entirely different thing.

Anyway got mom to pick me up.

It was about 5:20pm when I got home.

Yeah, great end to my first day of sophomore year, no?


And tomorrow, school is canceled thanks to hurricane Irene.



2 comments on “so hilariously bad. literally

  1. Unkz says:

    HATERS GONNA HATE. peaaaaaace…

  2. Jed says:

    That sounds terrible LOL

    Good luck sophomore year :]

    At least you don’t have to deal with the exit exam >.>

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