I really need to decide my major.

I gotta know my prereqs and all that other shit before I can transfer as soon as I want to ;_;

The only thing I know is that I’m gonna minor in Dance and get a certificate in Tahitian language.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I was thinking of majoring in Film, Education, or Animation.

Animation and Film is like fading down on me. LOL.

I mean, I’ve always liked to draw and paint and shit, and making videos is hella fun, but I’ve never actually wanted a career in art.

Drawing is my thing, but not my passion. I wouldn’t be giving up any dream of mine if I don’t major in anything art-related.

So I guess that’s out.

Then that leaves me with Education.

Teaching sounds like a pretty cool career.

I woulda never thought of being a teacher, it’s not my dream, but it’s flexible.

I can become an art teacher, so I won’t be teaching some boring-ass subject. (This is kinda an exception when it comes to an art career. I meant like I didn’t wanna be professional artist that paints for a living and has an undying passion for it LOL.)

Then I can be a dance teacher, but that’s kinda different LOL. All I need to be a dance teacher is talent, experience, and knowledge about it.

…and that’ll take a LONG time to achieve LOL.

But I wouldn’t really need an Education major to teach dance LOL. So it’s technically out of the picture, but I know teaching dance is something I wanna do. (the fact that the guys that choreograph for the men in Ninja Academy [REMEMBER THE CODENAMES! Ninja Academy=My sister’s dance group. LOL. I dance with them now :] ] are a year younger than me really intimidates me cause if I stuck with dance when I was a kid, I coulda been in their place too LOL)

Elementary education sounds okay to me too. Keyword, OKAY.

So I can basically do what I want, not as a professional, but as a teacher.

I can do what I want just by teaching it.

That’s the only reason why I’m thinking of majoring in Education, because it’s flexible.

The suckish part is that a major in Education sounds so bland to me.

I mean, imagine some guy coming up to me like “OHHEY DOODE, WHAT’S YOUR MAJOR?”

I’d be like, “OH…YEAH. …EDUCATION :]”

And he’d be like, “ohokay. that’scool.”

Even to me, the courses sound extremely boring.

I mean, it’s basic shit. Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, etc. It’s not appealing to me.

After looking around on UH Manoa’s site, I checked what majors they offered, and found Ethnic Studies.

Idk why, but it sounds hella interesting.

I mean, I honestly really do like learning about cultural and ethnic things, so I was thinking, “That’d be a pretty cool major for me.” I’m taking Cultural Anthropology right now anyways LOL.

And my cousin Bernadette is majoring in Global Studies, and she says she really likes it.

She’s kinda like me, majoring in something she’s just really interested in, but not something that really connected with what she wanted in the past.

I think. LOL. I’m only saying that cause when I asked her what her major was, she told me “Global studies. I don’t know what it is, but I really like it.”

So I was thinking that I could be like her and major in Ethnic Studies.

And the big plus is that the courses offered for Ethnic Studies in UH Manoa all connect with Hawai’i (Filipinos in Hawai’i, Hawaiians, People of Hawai’i, Hawaiian Labor History, etc.)

And you guys ALL know how much I like my studies about Hawai’i LOL.

Remember my Random Research for the Very Bored posts? LOL.

Thing is, what can I do with a degree in Ethnic Studies?

I googled career options with it, and they say it’s a flexible degree.

But what EXACTLY can I do?

I don’t know what to teach if I major in Ethnic Studies LOL. I wouldn’t wanna teach in college.

Ughhhh ;__;

So it’s either Education or Ethnic Studies.

I’m leaning towards Ethnic Studies ;/


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