I think I’m coming to the start of my close. I think LOL.

So I decided to google for help cause I can’t decide my fucking major LOL.

I found this college forum, College Confidential, I think? LOL

And I found this thread thing.

Apparently, in college, Engineering majors tend to look down on Humanities majors. (Ethnic Studies is a humanities subject btw. Along with Visual/Performing Arts, History, English, Literature, Philosophy, Cultural shit, etc.)

Only because, like I’ve mentioned before, you can’t really get a good paying job with a Humanities major.

Kinda makes sense why I started rethinking about Ethnic Studies LOL.

Sean told me not to major in an area studies. Sean=Engineering major. LOLOL.

So, basically, what I read in the thread, it’s typical for Engineering majors to say to Humanities majors things like “What the pho are you gonna do with THAT major? LOL” or “You’re not gonna make a lot of money with that major brehbreh.” or “YOU’RE WASTING 4 YEARS LEARNING THAT SHIT. SHIT’S USELESS.”

But what most Engineering, Math, or Science majors don’t understand that Humanities subjects require a LOT of critical and analytic thinking.

It’s like, deep shit, breh.

Sure a Humanities major MAY seem like a useless major to Engineering majors, but they have a different way of thinking than Engineering majors. They think more critically, deeply, and with an emotional feel to it.

It’s like right brain and left brain.

Right thinks creatively, left thinks logically.

Engineering majors just seem to look down on Humanities majors only because of the job opportunities. There are a lot less job varieties for Humanities majors than Engineering majors.

The pay is a contributing factor as well ;/ (I USED BIG WORDS. I FEEL LIKE A COLLEGE KID ALREADY)

Engineering, math, science, and business majors tend to have those big-money jobs that pay for your fucking life.

Humanities have less choices, and their degrees are a lot less flexible.

They think that majoring in shit like Philosophy gets no where, and a major in Professional Writing is useless. An elitist Engineering major would say someshit like “PHILOSOPHY MAJOR? SHIT. YOU DONT NEEDA THINKING MAJOR DUMBSHIT.” or “PROFESSIONAL WRITING? JUST PUBLISH A FUCKING BOOK DUMBFUCK.” only because they don’t understand how difficult it is.

I’m not saying Engineering is difficult, because it is. But Engineering majors think that Humanities majors are easy fuckers.

But, both subjects are difficult.

I mean, an Engineering major probably couldn’t create something with deep ass meaning to it.
And a Humanities major probably can’t put chemicals together without fucking exploding.

They’re 2 subjects that have their own difficulty level, and both are difficult.

So, after reading about all this, I can still major in Ethnic Studies without worry. …Sorta LOL.

But, after a little research, I’m thinking I’m coming to a close LOL.

Right now, the decision on the top of my mental list is a major in Zoology and minor in Ethnic or Pacific Island Studies.

I know for sure I’m gonna go to graduate school for a Master’s in Dance Ethnology.

Best of both worlds :] At least there are a couple of Zoology jobs in Hawai’i, but on O’ahu mostly. So I won’t be living in Kaua’i like I wanted LOL.

I can still be an art teacher in middle or high school in the meantime, though.


I feel like I just wrote a fucking thesis. If this was a fucking essay, I’m sure as fuck this’ll get an A LMAO. I used big words and fucking pulled an argument LOLOLOL.


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