I’ve never been so thankful for the weirdest things.

Since I’m turning 18 this month, the stupid-ass government is gonna fucking force me to sign up for Selective Service.

Those bitches. Ugh.

Even though a draft is HIGHLY unlikely (knock on wood @_@), I still don’t wanna do it ;_;

And since Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed this year, I can’t tell them I’m gay to get out.

But, I learned something that made me extremely glad and relieved LOL.

I’m kinda flatfooted and have eczema. LOL.

That’ll prevent me from being in the military.

As annoying as eczema is, I’ve never been so thankful LMAO.

I still hate it though >.> I’m not saying I want my eczema to stay, but I’m glad it keeps me away from the military. LOL

Just as long as a history of eczema is good enough. …Well, I still have patches, so I still have it LOL.

And dancing will keep me up with being flatfooted.

…I hope LOL.

I just know I ain’t getting my feet treated. :]

I’m not 100% flatfooted, but my old doctor told me that I’m a little flatfooted.

It’s weird to say, but as long as it keeps me the fuck away from the military, I’m good LOL.


4 comments on “I’ve never been so thankful for the weirdest things.

  1. Unkz says:

    Damn Jed, I hope you don’t get selected. I just don’t know why do countries adopt this policy when it comes to their military. It would be so much easier if people could choose to either go, or bail it.

    • Jed says:

      Me neither, but I also found out seasonal allergies and even a history of asthma are also eligible for PDQ’s. I have everything LOL. Well, maybe not asthma, but I had it in like the 7th grade. LOL.

      So eczema, flatfeet, asthma history, and seasonal allergies. I’m hoping that’ll get me a PDQ.

      But yeah, fo’serious, man. I hate our policy. “Land of the free?” Yeah the fuck right. It ain’t the “land-of-the-fucking-free” if we’re FORCED to sign up for something that’ll take us away from our families and prevent us from pursuing our future. Then we’d get fined $250k? Or even get sent to prison for up to 5 years? Ugh. That’s fucking stupid.

      They don’t realize some of us have lives and we don’t want to be involved with the government whatsoever.

      Sorry LOL.

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