Narrowing it down maaan.

I think I finally narrowed my major choices down LOL.

So, as of not-that-long-ago, I am getting bored as fuck with anthropology >__________>

It’s so fucking boring ohmyfuck. The ONLY thing I like learning about in the class is Polynesian things. The rest make me sleep in the class. I’m not kidding.

And since Ethnic Studies is basically Anthropology that focuses on ethnic stuff, I don’t think I wanna major in that LOLOL.

I thought Ethnic Studies was like learning about what different cultures do, but I learned it’s about how different ethnicities work and how to apply that knowledge to real life and the economy.

Ugh. LOL

So Ethnic Studies is out of the picture now.

Pacific Island Studies is still a maybe though.

Now I’m leaning towards animation again LOL. Well, Creative Media.

Idk what my concentration would be though. It’s either Film or Animation/Game Design if I do Creative Media.

Dunno about this though LOL.

Then comes Zoology, which might be at the top of my list right now. I’m aiight with taking Calc, since I’m actually getting used to math and shit. I just don’t wanna take Physics and Biochem LOL.

Then Education found its way back to my list LOL.

If I wanna live in Hawai’i, I gotta get a job that’s available in Hawai’i. And I’m sure as fuck there’s at least ONE elementary-to-high-school teaching job available in one of the islands.

Education would probably give me a guaranteed job in Hawai’i, but I’m not sure if I’m set on majoring in it.

Soyeahh. Not that much narrowed, but at least I eliminated something LOL.

So now, my list looks like:

  • Zoology
  • Creative Media
  • Education
  • Pacific Island Studies

One comment on “Narrowing it down maaan.

  1. Unkz says:

    If you really intend to become an educator, watch this:

    It’s amazing how a lot of things in that video are true, and how education needs to change.

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