Day 2 – A letter to my closest friends.


Shit’s embarrassing though LOL.


I forgot how we started hella talking to each other, but I seriously don’t regret it. You have become one of my closest friends, and shit man, I love hanging out with you. I can tell we drifted just a little since we graduated, but I’m glad we still see each other. You are one shameless bitch, and I look up to you for that LOL. I mean, who else has a friend that has no shame to ask a random guy at the mall his sexuality and his number? LMFAO. I love you as a friend, man, you’re crazy. Don’t ever fucking change, cause I will fucking disown your ass LOL.


Broooo. Craziest clean girl I’ve ever met LOL. You’re the cleanest girl I’ve ever met, yet still the dirtiest LOL. We have had SOO much fun together in the past. We have got to see each other more, cause I haven’t seen you in a while. I miss you maaaan D: I have way too much fun with you to never see you.


Hold on, bro, hold on. I know you can handle the hardships in your life flawlessly. From what I’ve seen, you’re ONE strong girl. And I know you can handle the hardships in your life. Don’t feel like the world’s coming down on you now. You’re young, and you’ll regret it. Trust me. Make the most of what you have right now. That’s my advice for you in this letter. Bro, you’re one crazy girl, I love you. I really hope we won’t drift because you’re a really good friend to me.


Five years down the line, man. I woulda never imagined I’d be this close to you guys. Online. This is crazy, you guys are a huge part of my life. DON’T EVER FUCKING LEAVE ME D: Even when I graduate from college. ;___; I hope we can still stay in touch you guys D: Cause you guys are the BEST. ;__; Campcrashers. Trickster. Og’s. For life.

Aloha nui loa.



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