Day 2 – A letter to Bonnie’s closest friends


EDIT: published five days post-making draft, hooboy…

October 15, 2011

Dear my closest friends,

(and the close ones to come in the future and the close ones from the past, probably)

      All of you are amazing people I am so grateful to know.

     I think you guys know I used to have tons of ‘friends’ just here and there. They weren’t very close, not as close as you all. I’d say hi to them, we’d chat about what we had in common (clubs, classes, parties, the mall, etc), but never could I ever go to any of them and just be stupid as I do. Never could I ever joke the way I do, playing racist cards or nearly espousing a sailor’s mouth. Never could I ever go to any of them and rant for a little bit on the things that irk me so. Never could I ever go to any of them and pour my heart out about things. Never could I ever go to any of them and cry on their shoulder while getting comfort. Never could I ever go to any of them and trust them the way I trust you all.

     It’s kind of weird writing a letter to multiple people. The prompt for day 2 is ‘to your closest friends’ though, so that garners you all in a group. Thus I write this letter to a group, my friends, keeping it a little broad since it’s hard for me to say things to a group without directly addressing people (and I’m being kind of lazy again).

      I hope you all know I trust you deeply. When I meet a person, I try to think if they’re trustworthy or not by simply going by the feeling in my gut. Most of you proved true, others had to grow on me, had to ameliorate themselves. I think I’ve written letters to you all before, I maybe just didn’t send them (maybe sorry, was sparing you from getting a sappy letter on some random day Bonnie was bored/feeling sentimental ??? ). Most of the time the ones I never sent were full of me going on about some specific thing and thanking you for not caring that I may not shut up about it. Even though I love you guys and all then I like mailing my BS out, I’m just horrid. I like keeping things quiet, only telling a single person or no one at all unless I really need it. I don’t wish to inconvenience anyone, so I’m determined to fix issues myself. I want people I know to be happy first, because that’ll make me happy. I hate to admit it so open like that, but it’s true.




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