Day 3 – A letter to someone who inspires Bonnie


…starting this on the same day I posted day 2, it’s another story if I even get it finished though…

October 20, 2011

Dear Mom and Dad,

     Thank you so much.

      When I think of other families, you guys did so wonderfully raising me, raising Edwin, raising Jed, raising this happiness. You care so much, even when I’m being too ignorant to realize it. You both work hard to keep this family fed,educated, and happy.

     At first I was going to write this letter to myself or something, but then I remembered. I know I probably sound so cheesy, but I’m only writing this and I’m not really gonna send it (hi dad if you see this, oops, here’s another thing I didn’t share).

    This letter is very short. I cannot think. Both of you guys aren’t great at English anyway, so it’s okay.



P.S. dad taught me easy way outs, this is an easy way out, `kay?


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